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San Diego is filled with selfish crybabies.

Waaaa...everything's on fire...put us on the news every five minutes...waaaaa!!"

Fucking shut up already! A little fire isn't gonna' kill you. Do you realize they have to break into whatever show I'm watching a million times a day to tell me that the fire's still going. OF COURSE THE FIRE'S STILL GOING ON IT'S 80 MILLION ACRES WIDE!!! IT'S NOT NEWS THAT IT'S STILL BURNING, IT'S NEWS WHEN ALIENS COME DOWN AND EXTINQUISH THE FUCKING THING WITH AN INTERSTELLAR FART! THAT'S NEWS!!! NOT THAT A FIRE THE SIZE OF RHODE ISLAND IS STILL BURNING 4 HOURS LATER!!!!!

You know, I don't see any residents of San Diego concerned that everytime I try to watch Jerry Springer (I'm laid off) I gotta see these tiny little firemen try to put out this enormous fire with these little garden hoses. And they expect me to care about them when they don't even care about me and my television? Dude! Maybe they should think that if California wasn't filled with sinners, maybe satan wouldn't be burning their homes, ever think of THAT California? With your Hollywood, and your voting a son of a Nazi in as your governor...what do you expect, flowers from above? I don't think so. You'll get fire and you'll like it. Now shut up about it.


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