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Hippies + OJ = Le Super Sexe

OK, I talked about what a great time I had in Montreal.

It's only fair that I talk about the three worse things that I experienced on my trip.

1) We stoppd in Burlington, Vt. The unwashed-hippy capitol of the universe. There, I witnessed one of the locals with a big puss on his face, wearing a shirt that read "O.J. is innocent" Hmmm, I wonder if anyone would find my bloody glove when I got done with him?

2) In downtown Montreal, there are 3 trillion sex shops. I mean, mixed together with The Gap, and HMV and stores like that. Right in between them, you'll find "Le Supere Sexe!" I felt like I shoulda' been wacking off walking down the main street there! The name of the street was Saint Catherine. I don't know who this Saint Catherine is, but I'm sure she's doing backflips in her grave.

3) I saw this French band on TV called Fonky Family.


I'm being serious here.

It is WRONG to rap in French!


It is so wrong I can't even bring myself to continue talking about it.

Good Bye...


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