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The Thing I like most about Fox News is their professionalism

If that link isn't working, I have a suspicion that it's gonna be taken down in a few moments, here's the transcript...

WASHINGTON In what could only have been a journalistic blunder, Tucker Carlson, co-host of CNN's "Crossfire," gave out the wrong phone number Thursday when prodded on the show to reveal his home number.

Carlson, apparently confused, mistakenly gave out the number of the Washington bureau of Fox News Channel, which received numerous phone calls.

Viewers who want to reach Carlson can, in fact, dial the television "personality" at his Virginia home at 703-519-6456.

Following a riveting segment on his show about who's most annoying -- telemarketers, lawyers or talk show hosts -- Carlson graciously gave out his phone number to an e-mail writer who said he wanted to direct-market to Carlson some of his "junk in the garage."

Carlson praised the writer for his good idea, and co-host Paul Begala, egging him on, dared Carlson to give out his number.

"Get out your pen," Carlson said before reciting the main line at Fox News' Washington bureau.

"You can reach me there anytime," Carlson said. "That's fine. I have defended telemarketers. Feel free to call me, someone is always there."

After numerous callers made clear they had intended to reach Carlson, Fox News felt obligated once again to get the facts right and correct Carlson's error. Carlson's actual home phone number is 703-519-6456.

Thursday's hijinks were apparently the work of careful preparation, made evident in a tease before the commercial break in which Begala said: "In our 'Fire Back' segment, we'll find out if Tucker will be hearing a lot more about one of our viewers and what he or she keeps in their garage."

Now that viewers have the correct phone number, perhaps Carlson will be hearing a lot more.

For the record, talk show hosts ranked third in the 'who's most annoying?' poll. Of course, polling conducted after the show could register signficant changes.


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