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Free Scott Peterson

Man, I hate it when I'm wrong.

Not only did I think Scott Peterson was an innocent man from the beginning, I downright championed his cause.

The people at work, bless them, seemed to know that the guy was a cold blooded killer just because he went fishing on Christmas eve day.

I countered that I do all sorts of things on Christmas eve day. Mainly Christmas shopping. That doesn't make me the Zodiac killer.

And just look at these fucking people.

Not exactly Charles Manson. Their last name mind as well be Wonderbread.

But in light of the fact that they caught him 30 miles away-heading towards the Mexican border, with his hair dyed, and $10,000 in cash, I'd say it's not looking too good for our little friend.

Johnny Cochran- "Just wait a second Genghis Jon."

Genghis Jon- "Johnny Cochran??? What are you doing in my diary???"

Johnny Cochran- "I will not have you accuse this man. Just because he's guilty, doesn't mean he's not innocent. You're not a diarist. You're a dia-racist!"

Genghis Jon- "Oh, c'mon John. You're only doing this because he has $10,000."

Johnny Cochran- "WHAT?!? That's racist. What you're implying- is that I am lying? You're saying I'm stating wrong facts- because I am black?"

Genghis Jon- "Stop it, would you?"

Johnny Cochran- "You're saying I'm not on it- because I speak ebonic?"

Genghis Jon- "You're being ridiculous, the man is guilty!"

Johnny Cochran- "So my opinions have got to go- just because I'm a negro?"

Genghis Jon- "You're not even making a case. You just want his $10,000."

Johnny Cochran- "So what you're saying is I can't give my brothers in the ghetto a holler- because I want his ten thousand dollar?"

Genghis Jon- "Johnny, you're a greedy bastard, and you're not making any sense."

Johnny Cochran- "So I don't make no sense- just because I want his 1,000,000 cents?"

Genghis Jon- "Johnny, quick! Look! And ambulance!

Johnny Cochran- "What? This is an outrage! Blaring their sirens when they have a sick man riding in the back. Hasn't that person been injured enough? I'll see to it that the person involved will receive financial retribution from the ambulance company, the hospital they're going to, the people who witnessed the ambulance go by and did nothing to stop it, and the color blue. I gotta' go Genghis Jon, but I'll be back next time you ever have the nerve to call someone with $10,000 guilty."


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