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You Know I'm Proud To Be French, Ya'll!

Awesome news!

I've added the Segway Human Transporter to my wishlist.

They sell at $4,995.00

I'm gonna' pick up so many chicks riding one of these things!


Hey ladies....Genghis Jon is getting 12" of snow!


It's not easy being French.

It's not the least bit cool.

You've heard of Irish-pride, black-pride, Italian-pride.

Ever hear of French-pride?

That's because a motherfucker will get his ass kicked walking down the street with his beret, cigarette dangling off his bottom lip, shirt unbottoned half way down his chest, and holding a picture of Jerry Lewis.

You can't do that. Not in America.

In an age of political correctness, openmindedness, and intolerance of all things bigoted and sterotypical. I, for one am waiting for someone to speak out against Pepe Le Pew.

What fucking asshole thought of this piece of shit cartoon?

Is this suppose to be funny?

A Frenchman portrayed as a sexual harassing skunk that mistakes a female black cat for one of his own?

And the victim of Pepe's advances (not to mention odor) tries desperately to escape his grasp, as our little French skunk tries feverishly to rape her.

What the fuck is this all about? What's the number for the ACLU? Where's Ralph Nader? Is this someone's idea of children's entertainment?

If you're keeping score, here's what's offensive.

The number 88 is offensive.

Warner Brother's mockery of my people as a horny skunk isn't.

Because the French people are non-white minorities (we have the off-white complection of Tetoun cheese) it leaves us open to such brutal attacks from racist America.

Listen, all I'm saying is that the French are a proud people. A strong people. An honorable people.

Why did I put that picture up? That's not helping my case at all. What the hell was I thinking?


My female boss asked me if I wanted to go home. It seems those 12" she's likely to get is scaring her.


I think a good PR move would to make an angry rap group fighting for our Gallic cause. Something like Public Enemy, but French.

They could wear Kangol berets.

I could really see people taking that seriously.

C'mon! say it with wit' me..."Fight Le Power!"


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