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They Hate Our Freedom Fries

Behind closed doors Genghis Jon's Great Big Political Debate Extraordinaire has begun to a phenomenal start.

The only problem I'm having is that the content is really long.

I asked just one question and a responce, and if I just posted that it would be a pretty long entry.

I have a lot of questions I want to ask. I'm afraid that if I wait until I'm done asking questions, the content would be so long it wouldn't fit on one entry page.

And if it did, it would be monotonous.

I'm also worried that by the time it's finally wrapped up and in the can, people would have forgotten about the whole thing.

Life. So perplexing.

Well, let me know your thoughts on what I should do.


Why the fuck does LaToya Jackson now look like Janet Jackson?

I'm seeing a picture in my head of LaToya showing up at a plastic surgeon's office with her sister's peeled off skin in her hands screaming "I WANNA' BE BEAUTIFUL!! MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL!!!!!"


Yay! Good news! The Homeland Security Alert Level has been lowered to "Elevated"!

"Ceeeellllll-a-brate good times, CUM' ON!"

Awesome! Now we can go outside again!!!!

I can't wait for us to invade Syria. Can you imagine the party we're gonna' have when that's over and the danger level goes down to a mere "Guarded"?


If those Freedom Fry hating Syrians are standing in the way of our color warning thing going down, then I'm gonna' ask you to hang on a second while I find out how to say "Let's roll" in Arabic.

For those of you who think invading Syria is a bad idea, allow me just educate you hippies with some facts on this evil empire.

1) Syria doesn't sell Freedom Fries NOR Freedom toast. That means if your are on a strict Freedom diet, and living in Syria, you'd die.

2) Syria is a different country then America. Which means that literally they are un-American!

3) Syria isn't particularly annoyed by the French people.

4) Syria said they're cooler then us, and that our girlfriend is fat and ugly.

Fat and ugly? Our girlfriend is fat and ugly? Those bastards! Nobody talks about England that way.


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