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GJ comes to the conclusion that Germany is filled with dickwads.

I swear to God, Europe is turning me into a republican.

So our president goes to visit Germany, and is welcomed by a bunch of asshole protesters.

Ain't that a kick in the head.

We tear down the wall for them, and the first thing they do is start marching against us.

Fucking German faggots.

You would think with their history they would know better. I mean, if it weren't for America the world would be ruled by Nazis. That's right, Nazis. The fucking group that the German people couldn't/wouldn't stop, and left it for us to take care of.

Now they're claiming we're evil because we have a system that puts mass murders to death. They're SO against the death penalty all of a sudden. The country that wouldn't stand up to Hitler from putting innocent people by the millions into the gas chamber, is now upset with us for putting to death serial killers.

I'd like to tell the people of Germany to go make a scheisse film, and shut the fuck up.

It's all about ego with the Euro-Peons. Europe have spent the coarse of history dominating the world. Now that there's a bigger kid on the block, they're all up in arms. Their enormous ego won't allow them to be comfortable at #2. So they have to put us down at anything they can thing of, no matter how hypocritical it is.

They claim to be pissed that we want to remove Saddam Hussein from power. A dictator that bombed his own people with mustard gas. A person that intelligence from counties from Russia to China agree that he's trying to get weapons of mass destruction. A guy that claimed that if he had one missle that would reach the U.S., he'd fire it. And Germany is mad at us for suggesting that he needs to be removed.

I think Germany's track record in spotting and preventing evil dictators is rather poor, and they should leave us to protect them from such evil.

Fucking German fucks.

That's all for now.

Oh, and for my birthday I wanna fuck Winnie.


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