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Lets Hear it for the Girl!

My wife kicks total fucking ass!

Despite having two kids, working full-time, getting pregnant and having a baby in the middle of it all, getting married, MOVE!, sell the old house, not having cable TV, and putting up with my shit which is probably the hardest out of it all, she still graduated on time and just barely missed making honors.

Libby after I gave her a certificate for "Blowjob of the Year". Sorry, no pics of her graduation from massage school.

Needless to say the last 20 months were sort of a blur for all of us. There was stuff, on top of things, on top of more work, on top of other stuff. Just when one thing would get done, 5 more things would come up. There was just no end and no one would have really blamed her a bit for giving up, or delaying things awhile. I wouldn't of have been able to do it under the same circumstances, no way. Just being pregnant would of had me too freaked out to leave the house. I'd be preoccupied at how people would react to me and where the baby would be coming out of.

Not her.

She knew DAMN well where that baby was coming out of (actually she was wrong, C-section) and wasn't gonna' let it stop her.

So she strapped up her massaging shoes, and got on to rubbing folks. And the rest is history.

We're all very proud.

Ian, sadly couldn't make the event. He was with Grandma doing this...

"...and here's a picture of the last time Nana babysat Ian"

Continuing with the theme of females who's recent accomplishments I'm celebrating, let's hear it for my Friend/sister/former bandmate/former roommate, Kim Eden who is unleashing her first of what is soon to be many children's books.

It's called "Some Enchanting Day" and you can
check it out here!

Kim is by far the most creative person on the planet so if the book is half as successful as I'm thinking it will be, the government will require every soon to be married couple to read it, just like Mein Kampft!

Well, maybe not like Mein Kampft. Sorry I have Torretts.

Kim Eden is a nappy headed ho....SHIT!


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