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Genghis Jon Loves Uncle Bob

Know what? I'm a big fucking fan of Uncle Bob. I know there are some of you don't like him. I didn't like him a lot either at one time. No, that's not true. I did like him. I liked him a lot, I thought he was the funniest guy I've ever read. The problem was, I checked out his stats. He gets several thousand hits per day. Me? It's a good day when it hits 100. Anyways, my ego went crazy. I couldn't deal with it. If you were with me a year or so ago you remember the fued we had. Pretty much I was jealous of his mind-fucking-boggling stats. Next, I locked my diary up for like one day, which happened to be the day he was checking his "Army" to see which ones were inactive, or locked for deletion. Anyway, he threw me out of his army and I never knew why. Did I mention that he was KILLING me on hits?

Well, anyways, I started a very immature rant on him. Honestly, I really didn't think he'd notice, but he did. I got a visit from him one time, and he cleaned my clock. ecause my readers are somewhat loyal to me, I became anti-Uncle Bob Central. Something I never wanted, but hey....that's showbiz.

To make things worse, one of my "friends" was signing shit in his, and my guestbook under his name, and fueling us both.

It was really stupid, and I realy never wanted to fight with him. With others, sure! But know what? We all hate "the man" We hate our boss, we hate rich people, we hate anybody who has what we don't. Everybody hates "the man" and he IS-THE-MAN.

Anyways I was surprised, no, SHOCKED to find that he filled out my survey.

Seriously. This is like, say, if you were a wrestler in High School, this is like Hulk Hogan coming to see the match.

Granted, it'd be more like Hulk Hogan coming to root for the other guy to kick your ass, but nonetheless. The Bobster! Bobamania running wild all over G.J's diary. What cha' gonna' do when Bobamania runs wild on you??

Seriously, I hold this guy in such high esteem, I honestly never thought he'd bother reading me. Maybe he doesn't. You know, actually, judging by what he wrote on my survey I don't think he does. But it doesn't matter. I read him everyday and think he's great. I'm honored.

OK, lemme cut the shit and let cha' know what I'm getting at. I wanna bring back my "Genghis Jon Interviews Your Punk Ass" series, and I want him to kick it off. I also want him to link me. I want him to link me hard, and I want him to link me deep. I want him to link me so hard that I scream for him to stop linking me but he won't. He'll just keep on linking me, and linking me, and.....

Um, I gotta go. My girlfriend Palmela Handerson is calling.


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