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Hey Joe. Where you goin' with that Torah in your hand?

Well looks like we got one of them-there Jew boys runnin' fer' president.


Oh yeah, a Jewish president. That's so gonna' happen.

America is SO ready for that.

I could just see a guy with the last name of "Lieberman" just sweeping the south like it's nobody's business.

Places like Mississippi are just DYING to put a Jew in the Whitehouse. There's nothing that they'd like more.

The First Lady's name? Hadassah.

Bush should just surrender. He should just say "You know what? I can't beat this guy. I'm just gonna' save everybody a whole bunch of time and money by stepping out of Joe's way. I'm going back to Texas and look for more of that Black Gold. Ya'll take care."

And folks! He's not just a Jew. Ut-uh. He's SuperJew. The guy won't work on Saturdays.

Now, I'm not sure if that's really a part of his religion or if he's just making that up to look more attractive as a president.

I don't know about you, but nothing really pisses me off more than a president working on Saturdays.

But don't worry. If it's an emergency (i.e nuclear weapon heading towards us) he's allowed to work.


Personally I like Joe. I'm planning on voting for him. (And that's not just becasue I'm an honorary Jew)

I'm from Connecticut and as such, quite familiar with his work. I like the guy.

Now don't get me wrong. A Seamonkey has a better chance of beating Bush than Kosher Joe.

Lieberman couldn't win this race if he was running with Elvis.

But I think the 2004 elections are gonna' be fun as hell.

I can't wait to hear how people like Jerry Falwell and the 700 Club/Posse is gonna react to this.

We're gonna party like it's 1959!

Oh, and if that wern't enough for ya, guess what?

Nope, I'm not tellin'. Guess...

Give up?

OK. Here's the scoop. It looks like our OTHER State Senator, Ted Kennedy's favorite drinking buddy, and fellow waitress chaser Chris "Ding Dong" Dodd, is thinking of signing out of rehab long enough to make his own run for the Presidency.

HA! ThAt'S jUsT KoOkY!!!!!!!

Imagine......both State Senators off campaigning. Hrrrmmmm....Who's gonna' watch the FREAKIN' store, pops?


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