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We're all part of the Republican Nation

This morning I woke up in Republican Nation.

YOu got to be fucking kidding me. Does everybody understand that George W Bush has at least 2 years to do whatever the hell he wants? He can start WW3, and 4, and 5 all at the same time. Congress will pass it. The senate will rush it through.

Christ, what next? Hey Mr & Mrs American voter! Why don't you just vote for The FUCKING Klingons to run our government, you stupid rednecks!

It's not that cold in Canada, is it?

What we need is a debate.

Republican vs Democrat, issue to issue.

Here's the deal...

I need two volunteers. One Democrat, one Republican. I'll be the moderator.

Candidates must be intelligent, political minded, and angry.

The debate will be a bloodbath. This I promise. People will be whining about it for weeks afterwards.

If you're interested, sign my guestbook and tell me why you'd make a good candidate to represent your party in this debate.


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