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Look Who's Governoring!

Hey, I just came back from listening to Disco's band, and I gotta tell you. His's ummmm....not terrible. And I'm not just saying that cause I like him. I can think of plenty of bands worse than this. Plenty. And as a musician Doug is.....uggggggggh, have you read his diary? He's a great writer!


Hey, who's that big mountain of man meat? Why it's no other then the new Govenor of California.

That's right kids, you're not watching some bad Chris Rock film where an idiot gets elected to a high political office. In line with their liberal nature, California will give anyone a chance to see what they can do to clean up their unholy mess. Leave it to California not to be outdone as the state that elected the most bizarre governor. (Minnesota, I'm looking in your direction) Arnold Fucking Schwarzenegger, a man who spent years honing his political skills running around blasting space aliens, and punishins the English language has been elected the man in charge of the entire state of California.

Let me explain to you waht that means. If he so chose. He could change the state's name to Arnoldfornia by next Thursday. He's the govenor. People voted to give him this power. I am not joking about this.

To be honest I didn't pay much attention to his campaign and have no idea what he told the people in order to get elected. Perhaps he conviced them that an army of cyborgs were being sent from the future to attack them. I just don't know how else he could do it.

California, here are some more pictures of your governor. God bless you, try not to recall this one. He might go door to door breaking necks....

Help! The embassy has been taken over by space aliens! Can anyone save us? Wait, look over there! Isn't that......the govenor????

"I've got big, strong boobies. I have the most powerful boobies in Cawifornya"

Govenor Schwarzenegger promises to cut taxes.

One thing I haven't heard anyone question is that this run for govenor was just to see how far he could go. Like someone dared him or something, and he never planned to win. Here's my proof. Days before the election a story came out saying that he groped some women on movie sets. Now, rule number one in politics is when a story like this comes out, true or not, you deny, deny, deny. Arnold came out that same day, in front of a big rally of his supporters and said "where there's smoke, there's fire" and admitted that the scandle was true. Why the hell would he do that unless he got himself into a big mess where it looked like he was gonna end up with a real job, making hundreds of millions of dollars less than what he's use to. Am I the only one seeing this?


And I kid about Disco's band, they're really good. You should check them out. Unless you're Jewish. Because if you are I'm guessing you're not into anti-semetic songs. Like this one called Second Hand Smoke which is about how the Jews secretly run Hollywood and plan on taking over the government. It's hard to tell you how that works, but they clearly explain it in the song.

Also on the song The [W]hole in us both Doug sings about how the Jewish establishment sends dirty thoughts into his head. he does this all over the chord progression of F-A-G.


I kid again. They neither suck nor are anti-semetic. They do promote youth smoking though. That part is true.


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