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Heart Disease. A Real American Hero

In a show of solidarity with the United State's war on terror, Heart Disease has taken the life of performer Edwin Star; most famous for his anti-war song "WAR, what is it good for?"

"I wanted to make a clear statement that I stand firmly behind the US's liberation of Iraq, and it's war on terror." Heart Disease said at a recent press conference announcing that he was behind the passing of evildoer Edwin Starr.

"I couldn't think of a clearer way of doing that other than killing the guy who sang 'War, what is it good for?' I mean other than just saying I support the cause. Looking back I probably could have just done that. Too late now I guess."

Heart Disease went on to thank those that helped him make this possible..

"By no means do I wish to give the impression that this was a unilateral operation. Without the help of the other members of my coalition; most notably Cigarette Smoking, Lack of Exorcise, and Years of Drinking- Mr Starr might be singing that stupid song right now. Maybe even opening for the Dixie Chicks or something! They're all real Americans."

Upon receiving the news of Heart Disease's patriotic act, President George W Bush called to express his thanks on behalf of the country.

"I am humbled by Heart Disease's selfless act of patriotism, and courage. Because of Heart Disease, America is now a freer nation. May God bless you Heart Disease."

The president went on to ask when he could get a meeting with Heart Disease. Heart Disease said to keep eating Freedom Fries, and it'll be sooner than he thinks.


I also want to thank Rechelle for her kind words, and to remind all that those who say such nice things about me get F'ing linked!!!


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