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Here's Why

Today, my friend Sez gave a list of reasons why she's a republican.
Right now I'd like to respond by giving a list of reasons why liberals, and independent thinkers like myself think George Bush and his party of storm troopers are a bunch of assclowns.
First I would like to say that I wish the republicans were a lot more like Sezzy. First, everyone has to understand that she's a New England republican. They don't know it but there's a big BIG difference between a republican from New Hampshire and one from Jesusland.

My father and uncle for instance are New England republicans. They love the title, and enjoy even more calling me a liberal even though I'm not, but obviously if you don't like Bush then you have to be a liberal.
Anyways, big conservatives these guys, except when you start talking the specific issues with them, then you'll hear 'em say stuff like....
-They're ashamed of their party's environmental record.
-They could give a fuck who wants to marry each other.
-Completely pro-choice.
-Admits that their party has a big problem separating church from state, besides being religious folk themselves.
-Supports the decision to go into Iraq, but not if we knew there were no WMDs. Thinks in retrospect Bush was wrong and should be held accountable.

Yeah, big conservatives. When I gently point out that their views are not only not in sync with the elite of their party, but are the reasons they hate the democrats so much because they're the ones that challenge them on that, they throw back at me "better than those gawdamn liberals"
See, that's why I favor the democrats a bit. They're not afraid to criticize their own. That's how it should be. Republicans have some sort of rank and file loyalty embedded into their DNA that prevents them from straying away from the flock. The republicans are the most united group this country has ever known. The republicans are more united then the United Way. And that's saying a lot, cause they even have the word "united" in their name.
Sez has asked why Kerry voters use such adjectives such as "fascist" and "ignorant" to describe her team.
First, let me say that she's right in the part that liberals are the most intolerant people on the planet. They won't hesitate to call someone a Nazi that disagrees with their view on drilling in Alaska.
Bush supporters need to know that we’re not flipping mad over environmental issues.
See, there are two types of people in the world. People that know 100,000 innocent Iraqis have been killed by us, mostly Kerry voters, and people that don't know or don't care, mainly Bush supporters.
Think about it.
This all started, for us anyways in New York where 3,000 of our people died.
Immediately after we went to Afghanistan and just about everybody on the right of Michael Moore was with the president.
But then he went a little crazy.
Iraq started up and a lot of us were scratching our heads about it, but went along anyways. WMDs are nothing to take lightly in a post 9/11 world, especially from a guy like Saddam Hussein.
So as we all know Bush made a huge case for war claiming that Saddam had WMDs and we had to go to war because of it.
I don't blame him for that either except maybe not letting the inspectors finish their job, but whatever.
So, we attack Iraq, we find no WMDs, now what? Here's where I lost all faith I ever had in this guy. He comes out and says "so what, we still would of done it even if we knew he didn't have WMDs."
Um. Ex-fucking-scuse me?
Ya know, like Sez says today and I agree that one of the most attractive features about the Republican Party is their focus on personal responsibility.
How can anyone of any party not hold this guy accountable? I for one don't blame him for thinking there were WMDs, almost the whole world thought so.
But being the quarterback of this operation means you have to take the credit for it. If there were WMDs he'd get all the credit for saving humanity, no doubt.
But since there weren't, he must take own up what he did, which is kill a 100,000 people for nothing.
That alone was reason for him to lose his job. He took a risk, it was wrong, he needs to be held accountable, the republicans pick another candidate, and life goes on.
But since they proved to be hypocritical at the moment of truth, how can anyone respect them?
Or how can anyone vote for them is the question of the day. How can someone fuck up so bad and get re-elected. I'll tell you how. 1) Don't admit mistakes. 2) Scare the hell out of people to vote against you.
I'm sorry Sez and any other Bush supporters, but the guy is a snake. He won the election on fear. He has some nerve to claim that people came out in droves because they're conservatives too and they love his policies so much. Horseshit.
But again, how often is 100,000 dead innocents brought up? In the news or in the campaign? How important is it? Think about it. 3,000 of our people died and we went absolutely ape. Think about this. Imagine if Osama was hiding in Utah and Britain came over here and killed 100,000 Americans in their effort to capture him. How much flowers do you think we'd be throwing at the Queen's Royal Army?
Again, I want to reiterate I wish more republicans were like Sez, or my family, or Giuliani, or McCain, or even what's his name in California, but they're NOT and they're never going to be. Because protest is unheard of within the republican ranks it's not realistic to leave it to our moderate pals to talk some sense into their fanatical brethren. If anyone's going to challenge them it's going to be the democrats, no one else. For all the democrats faults they are the only ones standing in the way of these lunatics imposing their will on the rest of us. Left unchecked, as been demonstrated, and lead to ugly results.
So I wish I could say let's unite. I'd probably say it too if my side won, I think we'd have a much better chance. But uniting is the last thing on my mind.
Just yesterday Bush was quoted as saying "I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it."
What do you suppose he means by that? That he's going to try to be more flexible with liberal concerns?
All because he scared the hell out of people to vote for him and now he's going to interpret that as a license to get conservative on our ass?
Jesus, Calgon take me away.


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