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Homosexuals Are So Gay

There's a MySpace bulletin going around asking the question...

"Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - Ernest Gaines

Above: Sometimes holding hands leads to holding guns

How deep.

I don't know who this Ernest Gaines guy is but he perfectly demonstrates irony in the fact that, as he asks the reader how he/she feels about homosexuality, does so in a manner that can only be described as gay.

Genius this Gaines fellow.

The bulletin went on to ask you to sign your name in solidarity to show that you stand for gay rights.

That way, you know, you can stand apart from all the homophobes and neonazis here on MySpace.

Genghis Jon salutes gays!

I puposely did not sign my name just to see how long it will take to get the word around.

And word does get around on MySpace. Oh baby, yes it does.

I went to some gay (nod towards Mr. Gaines) dance thing called Shag Frenzy awhile back with my girlfriend. The next day I get a message from some chick asking "Didn't I see you at Shag Frenzy?"

How unstalkerlike of you. Gee, why not ask me "Hey, didn't I see you sleeping in your bed while I was looking through the window and materbating?"

There's 50 Billion people on MySpace, presidents, popes, you name it, everybody in the universe. If you can find me out of everyone here you're a stalker, lady. Don't even try to make it out like you just stumbled upon me by accident.

Modern mating rituals, everyone, there it is. Gorillas beat there chests, dogs sniff each other, humans go to MySpace and send meaningless messages to people they find attractive while using the search feature hoping to begin dialogue leading to intercourse. Preferabley in the same evening.

I feel a new baby boom coming on, stay tuned...

Just a disclaimer, I stole that "homosexuals are so gay" line from my friend Bill. Don't sue!


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