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How it is....

OK, now it's time to check my guestbook and see what my fans have to say...

----------------------------------------- name: erato


message: "still single, yeah jon?"

-Nay. Genghis Jon is with big breasted American woman. You need to act fast with me kid, I'm quite a catch... ----------------------------------------- name: Blacksun

message: Canadians suck? I don't know about that. I think their money looks pretty! Eeeh! Or maybe it was a check I saw... pretty monay! Whooo! You're cool keep it up. "America" is unconstitutional... this is my second year paying taxes... TAXES ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL! I WANNA RIP ASS! Roor! Hehe, visit me sometime. Hi twinkeee! Wow... I'll be looking though diarys and it's funny how small diaryland is... I keep bumping into all these people I know. Hem.

-This is why you should never suck on whip cream bottles before signing guestbooks. (GJ is drug free by the way. Like George W Bush....) First off, I never said Canadians suck. I swear I'm the most misquoted guy in diaryland. What I said was Canada was not Un-American! You would think I'd be getting thousands of notes from our northern neighbors, thanking me for the compliment. But no, all I get is whip-it enduced babble. And taxes ARE NOT unconsitutional. We Americans GLADLY hand over a hefty chunk of our paycheck to a genius like George W. I try to give more, actually. ----------------------------------------- name: Car



message:Thank baby Jesus that Diaryland *is* Un-American. That's all the world needs is more America. heh. Of course Canada and the States are the same. We're right next to each other and made up of the exact same people. Albeit some are more arrogant than others *ahem* but neither of us have a set, national culture. Canada...yah. I can DEFINITELY see where you get "America" out of that word. Too bad some poor Indian dude uttered the word "Ka-naaaaada" one day and we decided it sounded cool and called ourselves that. You're right. We copied the Americans right down to the title.

-Car, telling me I'm right is like telling the Pope he's catholic. And what do you mean "Thank baby Jesus that Diaryland *is* Un-American"? Are you some sort of Commie-pinko or something? Yeah, I bet George W Bush would really like you. LOL* And what's with the remark about "Indians" that's so un-PC, pinko. The correct term is "Native American" But sadly if you share their bloodline it'd be "Native UN-American..." LOL* ----------------------------------------- name: twinkeee


message: You are too funny!

-What do you mean funny? Funny like a clown? ----------------------------------------- name: Cecile


message:I donīt live in America, iīm glad i donīt to tell you the truth...

- Yeah, sure....I bet if you met George W Bush though you'd be all like "OH MY GOD! GEORGE W BUSH! YOU ARE THE GREATEST EVER! I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES!!!" and stuff....what ev. ----------------------------------------- name: becca

message:(In responce to Le Idiot above) We're glad you don't either. bwahahaha! and Hi Jon!

-Hi! I want you to know that you can marry all the Canadians you want, but George W. Bush STILL loves you, yes he does. ----------------------------------------- name: ::matt::



message:yo. i just set up a diaryring, the you suck, we don't ring. i thought you may want to check it out after reading your entry yesterday. p.s. canadians suck.

-Now Matty, does George W Bush go around with such bravado? No, and neither should you. And no thanks on the diaryring thing. I have my own quality rings. Thats..quality rings that I produce. No time for others, now shoo... ----------------------------------------- name: ahem

message: Maybe I'm stupid and not getting your joke, but isn't Diaryland Canadian? Doesn't Andrew live in Toronto?

- What kind of name is "Ahem"? Is that a Muslim name or something? And to answer your question, Andrew may be from Toronto, yes. But Diaryland is an idea inspired by America, and whats more, George W Bush. He was inspired by our great leader to do something great. Diaryland is Canada's statue of liberty.

Also, if there is somebody reading this that doesn't hate my guts, and wants to help me set up a links section, you'd be the (wo)man! It's about time I set up links to my homeys and dawgs, you dig? -GJ


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