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Immunity Challenge 8

Hi, my name's Jeffery but the guys in here call me Vanilla Pudding.

I'm seeking a strong woman with a head on her sholders and a brain in her head for friendship... and possibly more, maybe a LTR. No rush. I'm not going anywhere. We'll see where the letters take us before we go stampeeding towards the congical visits. But I want you to know that I'm here to stand behind you and be your knight in shining armor (only one that has been sentenced to 235 years for raping children)

About me....let's see. My hobbies are fishing, hiking, and camping and biking. But since I've been locked up my hobbies have been pacing around in circles, masturbating, and reading the Koran. I'm finding the light, I am feeling better than I ever have, as crazy as it sounds I am filled with hope. I'm enrolled in a class to be a certified Paralegal, so when I get outta here i'm gonna hook up with Johnny Cockring and right some wrongs in this world. But first I have to finish up my GED. In case you're wondering, I am innocent. I was living in a trailer that my roomate turned into a meth lab and had a million teenage girls strungout, naked, and comitted to doing anything and everything for some unknown cause... Manson's the man!

So I was wrongly acccused of some fairly horrible crimes, less than human, but at the same time pretty fucking cool shit! Gimme your address and I'll write you, or stop by or something. I'M INNOCENT!!! SEND ME A PICTURE OF YOU THAT I CAN LOOK AT WHEN SOMEONE'S TOSSING MY SALAD! I'M INNOCENT!!!!!!


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