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Genghis Crybaby

Well, I decided to write about me falling off the wagon. Logging into Diaryland, I saw that Disco updated. I thought I'd read that first, then write about my wagon thing.

By the time I got finished reading I knew I had to write about a different topic. I haven't been this motivated to write in a long time. I was enraged, and just excited all at the same time. So, sorry folks. I know most of you voted for it, but the wagon story will have to wait.

I want you to first to read this. You need to read that because it has everything to do with what I'm talking about. I was reading his entry and loving it. Doug was writing about taking heat for what he says, and his reaction towards it. I was bouncing out of my seat here. "Finally, a well respected Diarylander knows my pain!"

He was talking about his writing being (at times) not only misunderstood, but taken too seriously- and out of context. The repercussions of which are the occasional email/guestbook signing from some nipple calling you a jerk. Something that I'm a more than a little familiar with myself. I've given up the fight to try to explain what I do to asinine people. But it was nice to see someone else champion the cause.

So anyways, I'm reading along....waving one of those giant "#1 hands" with Disco's name on it, when all of a sudden the Earth screeches to a halt with these nine words...

"not to be a Genghis-crybaby (no offense Jon)"

Da wha ah fuk a who da wah???

Oy vey. So, I was a little pissed at first. I thought it was a bit more than hypocritical that someone who sort of mirrors my sarcastic writing style to throw rotten apples at me. I would think he of all people would understand that the bad reputation I bear is brought on by (and ONLY by) the same miserable, hyper-sensitive squid brains that inflicts criticism amongst him too.

I'm not going to pretend that I wasn't hurt by it either. Disco is a guy I respect. He doesn't need my praise to know that. And it's not that I expect him to drop "Jon is great" in his diary every other day. But referring to the way I respond with my criticism as "Genghis-crybaby" is lost on my part, and I need to address it.

First, yes he did throw in a "no offense Jon" after he wrote that. That was a moot statement. Maybe intended to soften the blow. Kinda like throwing a rock at me, then telling me to duck after it hits me. I don't understand statements where someone says "no offense" when they're obviously knowing they're being offensive. If your aim is "no offense" then don't be offensive. Even GJ knows that!

Now, let me talk a little bit on how/why I have this asshole reputation.

First, I have a big mouth. Lots of stupid things fall out of it, but it's all in good fun. I get the occasional moron that lobbing for a sarcastic free America at my expense. You don't even have to read a motherfucking word of my diary. Just look at the middle finger. It might give you a clue that the content might run along the lines of the same sentiment. If you were offended by the middle finger, and choose to read anyways you deserve everything you get. That's why I don't feel the least bit guilt when someone is offended by my diary. The whitehouse never returned my calls about making it law to read my writings, so, as the great Devo once said "Use your freedom of choice" and mosey on by if you don't like it, cowpoke. Now, if you found my diary at, and it was laden with bright colors, and cartoon characters- then I might take into account some of the criticism I get. But until that url gets conceded to me, I have better things to do than explain sarcasm to people who can't appreciate it.

Now, the problem with the above is that even though the haters are a very small minority, they do have the biggest mouth. My fans might tell 10 people about me, while my haters will tell 1000. You can see how someone would get a reputation that way. There was a time when Disco admitted to me that he had prejudices against me just from what other people told him. He said he would start reading me. He came back telling me that he didn't think I was so bad at all.

And that's my point. I wish other people would say this, but I'm not half as bad as people make me out to be. I do know that me playing up the schtick of "proud to be an asshole" only adds fuel to the fire, but so what? What am I suppose to do? Is the high road that everyone talks about actually showing a little hurt when people make these comments? Well then, if taking the low road is wrong, then I don't wanna' be right! (Testify)

Now, let's talk about the things you don't know. The emails criticism I get that I DON'T respond to. Now sure, you think Genghis Jon, you think venom spewed tantrums. Fair enough. But what you don't realize is that I pick and choose my fights carefully. I let lots slide. I'll give you another Disco example, but first I just want to say that everything I'm talking about has little to do with Disco himself. This is something I wanted to talk about for awhile now and his few words on me just added the opportunity and motivation.

So anyway, about Disco. On his forum page someone opened a thread in regards to yours truly, and people would go in there and just trash me. I came across it and mentioned it to him only because I read something that he wrote that got me wondering if me and him were cool or not. He assured me we were cool, and suggested that I respond to the naysayers in his forum.

Believe me I had a mouthful to say to those buggers. I would of cleaned house with every damn one of them. I didn't for two reasons.

One was out of respect for Disco. These guys that were trashing me were still good friends with him. I really do honor the fact that people have the right to their own opinions. I know that's the life blood of my diary.

Two was how could anybody not be flattered with a bunch of people getting together to talk about lil' old me? I even linked it on my diary. Fuck 'em!

Because I carry on like I do, I take more heat than other people. I've read things by Disco, and Uncle Bob, ect who've said things that I never would.....and I'm Genghis Jon! They get heat, but not the kind that I get. The angle that a lot of Diarylanders (no one specific here) use to get out of those situations is to play up to the sympathy of their loyalists. A lot of people will play up the fact that they're the victim and let their readers come to their defense. I, on the other hand, haven't a clue on how to work that card. Believe me, I'd love to...but I just don't know how. I'll enter dialog with someone who's criticizing me if I think it'll be entertaining, but believe me. I let more shit slide then not.

Now I expect to get shit too for writing a novel on this subject, but I don't care. I stick up for myself and I'm not sorry about it.

Just be glad I'm not talking politics again.



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