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I Will Survive

That's right motherfucker, Genghis F'ing Jon is gonna be rocking Diaryland Survivor style....BOO-YA!!!

The game plan is to keep a low profile. That should be easy for me. I'll just blend in with everybody else and cruise to the end. Pfft, I'll be lucky if they don't throw me off the boat on my way to the island. I'm not expecting to last long, but I can assure you I will make it fun for as long as I'm in there.

I know, I know, but trust me. If anyne's gonna make Diaryland Survivor fun, it's gonna be French Vanilla himself, Genghis Jon.

On another subject I just want to say that ever since they posted the winners, I got 5 emails and 4 IM's stating something to one effect or the other about me and Uncle Bob being in the game together. Like there's some rivalry that's gonna happen between me and the Bobster during the game. People, people,people...please! It's not like a my Jewish daughter is gonna be marrying his Palestinian son. Sure he took a swipe at me on his latest entry. Can't you guys take a joke? I can, HAHA HA!!!! I can assure you all that deep down Uncle Bob has some respect for me.

Same goes for me, I can tell you in all honesty that I think good things when I think of the name "Uncle Bob." With that out of the way I hope people can expect nothing but a friendly competion between Bob and I, without even a hint of rivalry.


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