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Cuppa Joe Hates Blacks

Folks, it's nothing new when you come to Genghis Jon's diary and you experience brilliance.

That's someting you come to expect after a very short while of visiting.

But what IS new is when the author of the brilliant work is not Genghis Jon.

A short time ago I was graced with the following message from an anonymous writer that is so well done, and so truthful that I'm obligated to post it right here for all to see.

They go by the name "Literally" and it's in response to CrappaJoe who still hasn't admitted what a dingleberry he is.

Here's the post...

Hey Jon, I just popped into your guestbook to leave a note about the greatness of your blog (or whatever you would call this, as I hesitate to use the word diary) and little did I know that it would be a hot-bed of slang controversy. That being said, I'd like to add my two-cents--just because I can. As a woman, and a Canadian as well, I can officially (yes, officially) declare cuppa-Joe's arguments about "co-opting" African American slang as absolute b.s. It isn't funny and in fact undermines an already oppressed people as it trivializes their culture (yes, I use the word "culture" broadly here). A white man "joking" about using slang and "sounding" like a black man (or whomever) is racism, whether or not it is conscious or not. It is this sort of behaviour that perpetuates the stereotypes surrounding black people. The white man can "pretend" to be "black" but in the end he is a white man in a world where the white man man has the utmost privilege. The black man, however, has to live in the world YOU create and has to deal with YOUR insulting "co-opting" of slang that has helped keep the black population down. Congratulations, Cuppa-Joe for continuing the cycle of oppression in our world today. Congrat-u-fuck-u-lations. On another note, Jon, man, you seriously rock. And if you tell me to go fuck myself, that is ok. But just know that whatever you do, you'll never be the fuck-nut that cuppa-joe is.

What she was referring to is Joe's liberal use of urban slang. You might not think it to be a big deal, and by itself it isn't. Luckily this woman saw past the facade.

You see, a short while ago I received the following email from Joe. I didn't want to post it because it's truly upsetting. But since the notion that Joe is a racist pig has been brought up, I feel it as my duty to share the email and confirm the rumors as being fact.

From: JoeyCuppa

Subject: I use urban slang to make fun of blacks!

Jon, you nigger-loving fag. Listen up. 12% Beer is on the verge of making Diaryland an all white place to be. I've worked tirelessly to keep colored people out of Canada, and plan on doing the same with Diaryland. Then you come meddling along in my plans and try to stop me. Let me tell you something, Genghis. I sweat on the picture of Hitler that hangs above my bed that I won't let you stop me. 12% beer was started with the goal in mind to rid the world of blacks, Jews, queers, and black Jewish queers. (Jewish queers are OK though)

We are very determind to make this happen yo (evil snicker) So unless you're ready to fight along side the coloreds, against the white army in the race war that I'll soon be starting, you might want to rethink your attack on my aryan brothers. WHTE POWER!!!!!!

All the best, Joey Cuppa.

It pains me to share that with you. I know alot of you looked at Joe as a really nice guy that celebrated diversity.

Exposing him as the disciple of Hitler he truly is like getting stabbed right in the heart.

I have to go now All this is making me upset. I'll be lighting a candle for peace, and tollerance. I encourage everyone to do the same.

Maybe. Just maybe. Joe will see the light we've all created, and turn from his hateful ways.


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