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Taking & Giving

I got a call the other day from my roommate.

His father was in the hospital for the past couple of weeks. He had a stroke. Looked bad at first, but he's been doing nothing but improving.

He was unconscience for a couple of days, then he came out.

The next day he started making gestures that he was aware of his surroundings.

The day after that he was able to talk with people.

Before he left for Thanksgiving, he was telling me that the operation they thought they'd have to perform seemed unnecessary. He was starting to even walk a bit. They said he should be out of the hospital in no time and starting rehab.






John called me to tell me his dad passed away on Thanksgiving day.

I'm preping myself up for the funeral tomorrow, where I'll be playing the role of Be-strong-for-your-friend guy.

John's still in shock and has this blank look on his face.

I know that look.

I had the same look when my best friend committed suicide when I was 16.

It won't be long before he comes out of shock and starts to realize he'll never see his father again.

Anyways, operation be-strong-for-your-friend, will be in full effect as of 7AM tomorrow.

I'm expecting to have a word of wisdom for everything he might throw at me.

Not that anything will help him too much. He's got to mourn the loss, and that's a long and hard road.

Poor guy.

Life is so fucking unfair.


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