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A visual recap of Joyful's party

Saturday night me and my roommate trekked up to Boston for a party in honor of the fabled Joyful Thing's birthday.

The invitation made clear that no presents would be necessary or expected. Let me tell you something. If you invite Genghis Jon to a party, he brings gifts. Here's my roommate showing off what the lucky lady won.

Is that Pork Tibits you got there John? What a tastey gift idea!

Here's the birthday girl showing off her other gift- pork rinds. The poor girl couldn't help but get all giddy. You know how chicks love pork rinds. And to her left, John appears to be dipping his pork rind into the pork tidbits. In effect, making a pork taste extravaganza. WOW!

"Nothing brings people together like pork rinds" is what my father always said. Here's some guy (who's name I forgot) feeding the birthday girl a pork rind. Not to brag, but the party was kind of a drag until the pork rinds/pork tidbits showed.

In other unusual food news, Kritin had these small little frozen mice in her freezer. She claimed they were for her snake, but I'm not buying it. This little feller's name is "Sam".

This was taken at around 6AM, right before we were about to head back to Connecticut. John was totally porked out.

This is Kristin's rommate Benjamin giving me the "Would you please get the fuck out of my house" look. The sleeping guy on the couch is dreaming of pork tidbits.


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