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Yeah, I think about the scariest thing I've heard in my life is that OJ Simpson is in talks to host his own TV show based on MTV's Punk'd, called "Juiced".

I guess it's gonna go like this: follow along with me.

Some celebrity is gonna come back to their car to find that it's being towed by the police. After much shouting back and forth, OJ will emerge. Laughing, hands clapping, saying "You got Juiced!"

Yeah that's gonna be a riot. I don't know about you, but OJ is right up there with Dracula and the Boogey Man. I'd be less scared having a prank pulled on me by a dead relative.

Or here's another one. Your daughter marries a big, stupid football player. He ends up killing her, getting away with it, and hosting his own TV show. BAMN, you got Juiced!

Maybe if this catches on there'll be a new craze of shows hosted by vicious murderers. Maybe it'll be so popular they'll let Charles Manson out. Give him his own show, where people will come home to find their whole family murdered, and Charles running out yelling "YOU GOT MANSONED, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"


This probably has to be the most disturbing thing I have ever read, ever.

White people are seriously fucked up. What the fuck is the matter with people?

All you mommas out there. PLEASE. Listen to Genghis Jon when he tells you to not give oral sex to your chillrin' while your baby daddy be videotaping it. That's nasty, don't do it, baby!


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