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A Whole Lot of Free Time Just Opens Up On Genghis' Calender

As I've mentioned before, my birthday is Saturday And man, you should of seen what they got me at work!!

It's this wonderful pink piece of paper entitling me to 6 months of paid time off at 2/3 my regular salary. How did they know?

That's right kids, after 4 dedicated years of commited service the company, however meeting all of it's financial goals, decided to show it's lenders that they are serious about their profite margin by sacrificing me and a few other hapless souls to the God of Unemployment.

If there's anything funnny about this at all, it's that the HR guy who was going over all my parting gifts was also being sacked that day.

Let me press on that for a minute. My former company sent someone they just laid off, to lay other people off.

If anyone knows of something more crass than that please share it with the rest of us.

Anyways, not to get too political on you but I really want to thank George Bush for this wonderful gift of unemployment. Those tax cuts have been working like magic to get the economy rolling. Especially to the rich. I better look out, all that money is bound to trickle down on me any moment!

So, here I am, 3:45 in my underwear, just waking up, writing to you. Something you're gonna get a lot more of in the next few months I can assure. Now with the added bonus of including stories of my previous job, something I've been holding back on, and am now unshackled to share them with you. So keep an eye out for that.


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