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Waiting For LeRoy

Alright, next up to be interviewed is Ladee LeRoy. Sadly she informed me that she has a list of "important" things to do at work, and won't finish my survey until sometime this evening. Woooooo weeeeee, check out Ms. Busypants! Damn!


Anyways, my friend John called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go camping this weekend. I asked who was going and he said him, his fiance, and my beautiful Polish ex-girlfriend I once referred to by the name of Methadone.

Meth is one fine slice of Polish Pie. Ya Gawdamn right I wanna go.

(Enter porn-funk music)

We'll all be sharing one tent, but with that considered my "Chance a' Sexometer" will be at a solid 8.

An 8 folks! Not too shabby.

Damn I might even have to comb my hair. You know, put dat' 'Genghister of Love' charm on. Drop the G-Bomb on her ass! You dig?


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