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We make the Munsters look like The Waltons

Anybody know a good psychotherapist they can recommend me?

I got the following email from my fodder this morning.

He sent it to pretty much everyone in my family, goes great with some good violin music.

Just for your information:

Kathy (my mudder)has left me and we are 'officially' separated. It was her choice, she stated her reasons, and I gave her money, a car, whatever she needed to set up her own place, and my blessings. She has a full time job, benefits and health insurance, so I believe she will be alright.

She has said that she was going to call 'everyone' and tell them that it was 'my fault' and what a terrible person I am - and i'm sure she's probably contacted you because she's talked to, that I know of, Douglas(dad's brother) and Jason (my brother) and Jonathan (moi).

I an NOT going to get into any details. I will accept all the blame. I will NOT bad-mouth Kathy in any way in my own defense and I don't care if you only hear her side of the story. I will only say that I'm not sure this is necessesarily a bad thing - for her anyway - and I hope that she will be able to find what she needs in her life by doing it alone. We have been together over 35 years and I love her but she has made her decision and I will respect it. Her promised attack on me, I believe, is only from her anger, I know, and if that's the way she feels she has every right to get it out, and tell everyone she wants, if that's what she needs to do. As I said I will accept the blame for this and hope that both of us can be happy in our remaining years.

I am doing fine although this will cause many big changes in my own life, not all good ones, but I will take it one day at a time. I look forward to some solitude and peace and freedom from those who have appointed themselves part-time Gods and full time Judges. (Que violins) Knowing who they are, neither occupation fits them very well and they have no decency, loyalty or integrity - but that is no longer my concern.

Douglas said when this happened, a few days ago, that based on one conversation he had, that I would be considered a real bastard and always will be: So be it. You find out who your true friends are in times like these, although when your own family judges and abandons you, it's time to move on and leave them with their own issues. (Que vomit bag)

I asked a close family member for possible assistance in the future and he was more concerned about money and a the feelings and needs of a stranger than a brother ...

It seems that this familys priorities, and loyalties, have been long ago forgotten and discarded. (I was thrown out of the house when I was 14.) It is something I thought I'd never see in my lifetime - but it has happened.

I am no longer willing to be the 'peacemaker' as usual ... I don't care who gets along with who - someday we will all realize that ONLY the family matters and that we blew it all through greed, personal selfishness, and stupidity. I hope the younger generation can hold their relationships together, as we couldn't, but I doubt it. (Well, we had such great role models, how could we go wrong?)

My role as 'Hero' is over because as you can see, I am not one and never have been one - and right now I don't want to be one. You are, I guess, on your own.

I am so sad for this family but I am also finally content that my impossible role is over. It was unwanted, and unfairly given to me.

Good Luck to all of you and leave me alone.


What the fuck?

Why couldn't I have been born a duck, or something?

I swear, I must have been Vlad the fucking Impaler in my past life to deserve this shit. I've been gulping down Prozac like they're freegin' tic-tacs lately.

Why my dad never became a lawyer, is just a disregard for a God-given talent. Only he can be a 1st class, piece of shit to everybody, and anybody. Then turn it around on everyone when he's up shit's creek and they won't bail his sorry ass out.

Allow me to make clear a few things.

He's not a fucking "hero."

He's not a fucking "peacemaker."

He is not even a fucking decent human being. Listening to the guy making himself out like he's fucking Ghandi is making me sick.

He ran me out of my house when I was 14 years old because the guy was so abusive. I mean 24/7 the guy would just scream at me.

He wrote this letter because he asked his brother (Hunk o' Unk) if he could stay in his cabin, and he was told that he can't do it with his dogs due to the fact that the tennent he would be sharing the property with raises chickens, and chickens and dogs don't mix.

Now, there is little doubt in my mind that Hunk o' Unk is just fucking with him. Cruel fucking people on my dad's side of the family, they really enjoy watching each other squirm. having my dad be at the mercy of his brother, isn't unlike him being at the mercy of his doppleganger. The two of them got a competition going on between them called "Whoever Dies Being The Bigger Prick To The Other....WINS!!!"

Anyways, that's what I have to deal with first thing in the morning.

My father sends out the pathetic "poor me" letter, whining more than a blind Vietnam Vet in a wheelchair. His brother, taking advantage of my dad's lowly situation for his own kicks. Calling me at work to make a point to inform me how well he can sleep at night. My mom, starting her life over again at the age of 58. My brother, looking forward to his upcoming wedding, I'm sure.

Oh, and not only that but my dad also sent me an email informing me that he will no longer help out with my brother's stag. He sent me the contact name, and numbers that I'll need, and wished me luck.

Nothing like a 63 year old throwing a tantrum at his son's expence. Way to make a point, pop. Hopfully, if all goes well, the stag will be ruined. That way, when we're all wallowing in guilt of not having a stag party for my brother, we can all feel just a microsopic morsel of the pain you've been subjected to by the likes of us.

Yeah, that'll teach us.

Fuck this.

I'm gonna' go to Florida and look for a nice gay couple to adopt me.


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