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Live Aid 2: Attack of the Clones

Above: The Dread Pirate Bob Gandolf proving anyone can save the planet, even those that dress like a complete prick.

We all know about the Live 8 thing coming up and just about everyone I know is excited about it for one reason or another.

Some people are happy that Pink Floyd are reforming, some are excited the Sex Pistols are getting back together, and most are a little creeped that the two are sharing a stage.

But to me the absolute best thing was when the Spice Girls offered to reform only to be told by event organizer Bob Zandolf

"I canít afford to have bands who wonít pull the crowds,Ē he explained. ďThis is a political event, not a cultural one. If I get people who are currently selling 15 million albums, then thereís an audience of at least 15 million people for the concert. Itís a question of who is popular right now; thatís the way it is.Ē

The thing that really cracked me up was after saying that he went on to announce the line up that included such modern hitmakers as A-Ha.

A-HA! You suck.

Does anybody other than me and jerks who buy those "Totally 80's" compliation CD's remember these assholes?

A-Ha was the 80's incarnate. They had this one song called "Take on me" that everybody on the block use to moonwalk to.

Nobody on the planet has heard of these guys in 20 years up until Bob Zandolf telling the Spice Girls he couldn't afford them because he had to make room for A-Ha doing a 25 minute In-A-Godda-Da-Vidalike version of "Take on Me".

But what's even sadder than that is Pete Townsend and Roger Daultry thinking they're The Who.

They need to realise that the majority of the band's greatness was due to their superior rhythm section that is no more. If they wish to continue they should at least honor their past by changing their name to something other than The Who- like The Who Gives A Shit.


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