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Local Talent

Sure, Connecticut is no New York City. Our local bands aren't The Strokes or The White Stripes, or nothing. But I think it's due time I spotlighted these unsung (err...pardon the pun) heroes and gave them the disrespect only I can give them.

Let's start with one of my favorites, called Spellbinder.

The thing that sticks out the most about these guys are the fact that it's made up of old men, and hot chicks. And mind you, the hot chick section seems to be a constant revolving door. I kid you not. I saw them maybe four years ago when they had two different hot chicks. When they left, they seemed to have no trouble replacing them with teo more. I have a theory that the girls leave once they learn that they're encouraged to pick up an instrument. Mainly the skinflute. A really old skinflute, as it were. Granted, I have no evidence to substantiate my claim. Just my Spidey sences were tingling.

Anyways, enough yacking, let's take a look at the Mommas and The Grandpoppas, shall we?

See, everyband nowadays has to have a schtick. Like the White Stripes always wear the same colors, The Strokes always look like they just rolled out of bed.....Spellbinder's thing, it seems is that they're immune to cold weather. Hinting at the occult, in that Satan keeps them warm.

Here we see the group shortly after the conclusion to a game of ring-around-the-rosies. Let's see if you can find the forbidden lovers hidden carefully in this image....


Here's the current line up...

Nice picture of the lead singer chick there down in the front-center. I like how she has her back to the camera, and is turning around to look at us. The thing that I question, however, is that when she is facing forward in that position it seems to put her at eye level with the drummer's crotch area.

I know he's the drummer because he's holding drumsticks. That's another thing I like about these guys. They make you search for clues. They could of been obvious and just wrote "drummer" under the guy's picture, but when you look at his hands, and you see drumsticks, you tend to scream "HEY, I GET IT! THAT GUY'S THE DRUMMER!!!"

Girl 1- "Boy, I sure get tired playing 'The New Sound of Rock.' Do you mind if I rest against your back while I dream of a life less hectic?"

Girl 2- "Not at all, darling. I too will take the opportunity to do some fantasizing of myself rolling around on a rock like an idiot."

For the slow, let me point out the hidden clues here. They play rock music. She is rolling around on a rock. The person who's idea it was for this picture's head is filled with rocks.....seeing the pattern? Very Pink Floyd.


Man, checking out Spellbinder sure makes you work up an appetite. That's probably why this rocking band, these trend setters in modern music...these mavericks of sound, these bar raisers, included a recipe for soup.

The soup in a word? Delicious.

Concluding the recipe, the author scribes "Finally, say a few old celtic words over the cauldron, perform a pagan ritual or two, and enjoy your Spellbinder soup with a friend. Or in a pinch, bandmates will do. Mostly.






Moving right along, I decided to spotlight a local artist that has a very recognizable name.

If you think no one famous ever comes out of Connecticut, I'm about to squash that theory, bitch!

How about a guy that's sold 52 million albums!

How about a guy that's won two Grammys!

How about a guy that's written songs for bands like Bob Dylan, and KISS?

How about....his brother?

You betcha'...Michael Bolton's brother Orrin, calls the Nutmeg state his home.

Never thought that we sprouted this kinda' superstars, didya?

Ha to you! HA!


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