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Love, Spit, Love

OK, OK, I'm back.

Yep I'm still too sick, and if I were married, or lived with my mom my respective female caretaker would say "Genghis, get your sick ass off the computer this instant!"

But since that's not the case with me, I feel at liberty to at least give you a morsle of what's been happening (other then laying in bed coughing up snot)

Remember Rebecca? The one who I couldn't wait to visit me? The one who made me take a vacation week in February off so I could spend it with her?

Well guess what pile of shit she dumps on me AFTER I bring her back from the airport?

"Um....remember that guy I told you I was seeing that I was gonna' break up with? Well.......I didn't actually break up with him." (*Giggle, giggle)

What a kick in the nuts, huh? Makes you wanna declare jihad against anything without a penis.

Trust me, there's a lot more that I'll fill you in on soon. Right now I got a date with a gal named Nyquil. And she don't take kindly to waiting.

So stay tuned you impatient pricks.


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