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Dear Mike. You're a nipple...

From "Mike" via my guestbook.

Unless you're gay yourself, please don't called gay people "faggots." That word has a history and connotations to the gay community that is very similar to the "n" word and black people. It's offensive.

What's offensive Mike is your pathetic desire to be politically correct.

Quite frankly Mike, it's pretty gay.

I noticed that you didn't say that I was offensive, just the word. Let me ask you something, cowboy. How do you think that a stupid word, with no homophobic intent can be offensive? Not sure? Well I'll tell you. It's because jackasses like you give it power. Take away the power Mike.

You also mentioned that if I were gay, I can use words that heterosexuals may not. I reject those mental chains you're attempting to bind me to, sir. Permitting people to use terms based soley on what they do in the bedroom is fundementaly wrong, and just plain un-American.

This actually reminds me of an article I read. It was about the Dept store Target selling merchandise with the number 88 on them. Some dude was sitting at home watching a documentary on neo-nazis. Something was mentioned about how their little club uses the number 88 as a logo. (8 being the eight letter of the alphebet. So 88, is suppose to stand for HH. "Heil Hitler" How fucking creative.) So the guy went to Target after watching the show, and saw a bunch of shirts, ect. with the number 88 on them. Target ending up buckling to the pressure, and removing from it's store anything, and everything with the number 88.

Do you see where this has lead us Mike? We are no longer able to use the number 88 anymore, save for being labeled a Nazi.

This means that if someone where to ask what 44 times 2 equals, I'd have to answer "nothing!" You would reply, "44 times 2 equals zero?" and I'd reply "No. 44 can not be multiplies by 2."

And if I were counting to a hundred, I would say "..eighty-five, eighty-six, eighty-seven, eighty-nine..."

If a cashier DARES to give change of 88 cents, they will be tried for war crimes.

The entire street of 88th Ave will get bombed by allied forces.

The government will shut down the Department of Social Security once it discovers that it funds citizens that are 88 years old, and has been doing so for some time.

Rage Against the Machine will reform to record a anti-88 song called "88 is not great(it's full of hate!)" Only 87 copies will be made.

Welcome to the new world you helped create, Michael. A world where intent means nothing, and symbolism, everything.

Don't want to be offended by words and numbers Mike? Stop giving them power. Quit whining.

And show a little gratitude that you're not left-handed.


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