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Moby is a Dick!

This is the type of shit that has me going bananas!

As you can read, the guy known throughout the world for making soundtracks for car commercials, Moby, is blaming the CIA and the FBI foer what happened.

Didn't stop ONCE to blame the terrorists..ut-ugh...

It's the CIA and the FBI.

Why? Because they were paid to protect us. Well, maybe if they were as flawless as Moby is, all this would never of happened...

And NOW Moby's furrious.

Oh gee, shame on us!

Well "Moby."

Maybe if you had the brains to understand that the FBI and CIA have been saving your bald-ass life every single day since the day you were born...and that you just don't hear about, or pay attention to all the terrorist plots that they saved us from...maybe you'd understand that they never, and could never guarantee 100% safety all the time.

They did the best they could....SHUT UP! At least they make a differnce in the safety of people with their employment.

All you do is making wackey noises with computers, that turn people into retards when taken with ecstasy.

All of a sudden you're the fucking expert political analysis on the issue.

Go eat some brown acid and play with a glowstick, you bald hippy fuck!

Thank you..



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