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Polanski; The Horse That Wouldn't Die

First I want to say that there's nothing I would enjoy more than to stop talking about Roman "Noodles" Polanski. The guy makes me so sick I can't even enjoy my Freedom Fries.

But avoiding him however became impossible due to the lastest Pro-Polanski drivel signed in my guestbook.

And in accordance to my constitution, whenever there is a nipple about, it is my duty to smite thee down.

Today, despite being Friday, I have chosen to take on two nipples. I have stamina to spare from having a double extra serving of Freedom Fries.

Let's roll!

First, meet "Dana"

(Quoting me)"You cannot appologize your way out of forcing sex on a 13 year old girl. You're not a human being anymore, much less an artist." - Just thought I'd let you know that his actions don't stop him from being human; they MAKE him human. Yeah, he's a jerk, but who isn't? Everyone has done something that another person would see as "the line" of humanity - so what does that make us all? Human."

Dana, you ignorant slut.

If stupidity were a river, you dear would be the Mighty Gawdamn Mississippi.

To err is human, Dana.

Forgeting to pay a bill, waking up late for work.... Those are the things that make us human.

Thankfully, in my household anyways, drugging and forcing anal sex on a girl who was playing with Barbie dolls the year before....and pay extra special care to these next few words Dana, because I'm hoping you'll find it educational....does not make you human!(You heard it here first folks!)

Ironically it makes you the exact opposite. Which is why Mr Polanski should from the moment he first layed a hand on the child, be considered and animal and treated accordingly.

I understand animals have the most rabid supporters Dana, but even you can understand that certain crimes that one might commit will have require you to turn in your humanity card.

Dismissing his crimes as him just being any other jerk proves to me how you cannot comprehend the seriousness of this matter.

Furthermore, you've offended us jerks of this world who, despite the fact that we are jerks, are in no league with Polanski and don't appreciate you aligning us with him. Few people outside of death row are. You, my dear owe us an apology!


Speaking of apology, nipple number two comes in the form of "Unadopechica" who's mother owes us all an apology for birthing the author of the retard manifesto.

Her entry seemed to be written in a series of questions, which leads me to think she's in need of some sort of answers. I've nominated myself to the task.

"Ok, can we all just get over the whole "child rapist wins Oscar" thing.

No, you dumb fuck!

"Who was actually there, in the room, when this all went down?

Well I'm no genius, sport. But I'm guessing a third person in the room might hinder Mr Polanski's illegal raping of a child intentions.

"Who's to say that she didn't tell him she was 18"

If you can't tell the difference between an 18 year old woman, and a 13 year old child, then you should just turn yourself over to the police and get it done with.

"Who's to say that her mother wasn't trying to pimp her?"

Oh, that's so plausable. Not even Polanski has suggested this. This broad has her head so far up her ass that she has to resort to these type of theories even the tabloids wouldn't have the nerve to suggest.

"How do we know that the woman wasn't trying to blackmail Polanski, and when he refused, she decided to press charges?"

And people wonder why rape victims are scared to come forward. They have to deal with these type of accusations, even from other females! Who'd want this wacko to be a juror in their trial if they were raped? Anyone?

"We're all so quick to rush to the defense of the victim, but what if the accused is the victim?"

This girl either lives in Europe, or Vermont. Both well known for their terminal liberalism syndrome.

"I mean, I'm curious why everyone is calling the man a rapist. Statutory rape is a little different than dark-alley-knife-weilding rape.

Sure. 13 year old girl cries rape.. let's assume she's a little slut, trained by her mom to extort money from a photographer for French Vouge. What else can we belive? That she was actually raped? Fucking nipple.

"Yes, the thought of a grown man having sex with a minor is disturbing, but if he didn't know better, if she lied, if the mother "set it up", who's really at fault?"

Dear God. Please let her get hit by a truck. Hard. Love Genghis Jon.

"Listen, I'm not trying to defend a heinous crime."

Make it a train.

"I just think to pass judgement is wrong if you weren't there.

Extra! Extra! Supreme court says people can only be convicted guilty if "you were there!"

"I'm that little voice of possibility telling you that not everything is always so cut and dry."

You're that little rumble in my stomach before I take a shit.

"What the hell was a young girl doing in Jack Nicholson's home anyway? With men 30 years her senior? Hello?"

Well, she was going to get raped of course! What, did you belive it was really a photo shoot? C'mon...what a little whore. I bet she was wearing a short skirt too!

"When are people going to take responsibility for bad choices? I guess maybe as soon as people start accepting the consequences, right?

Let me translate that...She's asking when are girls gonna take responsibilty for contributing to getting raped. I don't think I'm alone at saying that I so hope she goes on a safari sometime and get's raped by a gorilla.

"Anyway, Mom and I were discussing this last night and she was giving me the 411 on the deal.

I got some 411 for your mom too! Her bra is hangin' on my lampshade!

"You know, I didn't realize that Polanski was married to Sharon Tate. How terrible to lose your wife and child at the hands of a mad man, and why doesn't anyone ever talk about that?"

Well wait a cotton-picking minute! Who are you to come down on the Manson family killers? How do you know Sharron Tate didn't leave the front door unlocked? If she did, wouldn't that make her murder partialy her fault? Shouldn't she take responsibility for that? Pfffft...This chick is totally the type to marry some stranger on death row.

"Whatever, I don't want to hear any more about it. Get it off my radio, quit bitching about it in the news. It happend. The Academy isn't going to take back the award. Let it go.

That's what I'm trying to change. I'll never let people forget about what Polanski did, and if they let him back into the country I'll rape him myself!

I can't help but notice how absurd this all is. Me, not close to being politically correct, arguing with WOMEN on the seriousness of rape.


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