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NASA Fucked Us

I love how during times when unemployment is at an all time high, the future of Social Security looks bleak, the notion of universal heathcare is laughable, and we went from a historic surplus to a historic deficit in a few short years, we still seem to have trillions of dollars for NASA to put a car on Mars.

Pardon my French, but NASA must suck some mighty fine cock.

Mind you, this is no ordinary car. It also takes digital photos, kinda like the new cell phones.

Take a look at the result of all your hard earned tax dollars....

Hey, look at that! An empty landscape. Who would have thought? Please, someone tell me how I can pay higher taxes, I insist on it!!!

I'm sorry, but for 50 trillion dollars they best be coming back with pictures like this...

If I was president of these United States, and gave the go-ahead for all that money to be used, and they came back to me with that shit, I'd fuck somebody up. Seriously. Somebody would get their ass beat.

It reminds me of the time when I was 7 and my dad gave me a twenty dollar bill to pay video games at the arcade. He meant to gve me like a dollar, but a twenty was all he had. His instructions were "Get some OJ, play a few games, and bring me back the change."

Well, instead of getting a gallon of juice, I got a half pint costing 30 cents. The change that was left over after I was done playing video games came to exactly 1 quarter.

My dad got fucked. I got fucked up. Same shit here. 50 trillion for a black and white photo of a desert. I should sic my dad on the guy in charge over there. He'd chase him around a table with his belt. Smack the shit out of them.


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