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I Hope I Never Have A Daughter

Not many things in life can make me laugh so hard that it forces hot chai tea to come flying out of my nose. But when I come across such a thing, I share it with you!

Mind you, it's a pretty sad, pathetic, and disturbing tale.

Which, ironically makes it all the more funny noting that it was posted in the bulletin section of Myspace.

Keep in mind that while I'm reading this I'm looking at a picture of the author with a Jell-o shot placed strategically between her breasts.

Anyways, enjoy.

"Ok so some homo left PROOF of what I thought happened!!! I was cleaning up in my kitchen (still had a few spots I missed apparently) and guess what I found???? A little blue pill with R-?? There were some ..'s but part of it was disolved as my DOG was licking it. So you stupid fucker - I knew you were a date rapist!!! I hope that some chick goes psycho on you and wacks your weiner!!!! Not to mention that my poor dog is out of it and now I have to bring him to the vet... I am so pissed off right now - if I EVER see you I will personally walk up to you and kick your stupid ass because you're a fucking PUNK!! It's pretty sad that you hafta put shit in chix drinks just to get ass. So remeber - I'm looking for you because NO ONE fucks with my dog and NO ONE fucks with my friends. You fucking pathetic loser!!!!!"

She's on to me. And if it wasn't for her meddling that sweet dog of hers would be MINE!!!!


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