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No Joe

Seige Heil!

So first I would like to congratulate Ned Lamont on his victory for the Democratic Primary in Connecticut, winning the honor of getting clobbered by Joe Lieberman in November. Congrats indeed!

You know, I've paid special interest to this story for two reasons. First, it's all anybody's been talking about for the past two weeks; and second, people on Fox News can't even fake their hatred for this Lamont guy. It was funny watching their "Fair and Balanced" reporters on the night of the election talk about how because the Democrats in CT picked Lamont they're effectively voting for Fidel Castro.

But by far the best part of watching Fox News was this; possibley the greatest TV moment in the last 10 years!

That guy with the sign 08'

The media has spent an awful lot of time analyzing why Lamont actually won, and what it means, what's the secret message behind all of this, because the voters can't just vote for whowever is the best candidate, their has to be a secret code embedded in it all that only can be reveled by 24hours of non-stop analyzing by MSNBC.

For anyone that does not live in CT let me fill you in on why exactly Ned Lamont won. He promised free shit.

Seriously. Now, I have to admit that I vote differently then I did a few years ago.. Things I didn't pay attention to are starting to get priority with me. For instance, in Ned's commercials he's talking about Universal Health Care. Now I've heard the term before but it didn't compute. I was sitting in the living room a few weeks when his commercial came on and I was pondering what that meant. I sat and I thought "Shit, he's talking about giving me free health care, so I don't have to pay for it, ever, WICKED!!!!"

That shit will save me serious money, do you have any idea? That's all I needed to hear, I 'm voting for this socialist, cut-and-run, hippy. Viva El Senatore!

Joe on the other hand didn't seem like he was too much in control.

"Oh shit I'm in trouble"

Instead of offering us free shit like you're suppose to, all he was doing was apologize for the fact that we don't agree with him. And even though he's well aware that his job as a senator is to represent the people in CT, he's sorry he felt the need to vote in contrast to our wishes. But we need to look beyond his contributions to starting World War 3 and look at the good things he's done for the state, like bring in money for a statewide bike path, ect.


In more exciting news my favorite blogger on the planet has started to write again.

Seriously folks, you need to stop reading my garbage and go there now. He's got like 7 years worth of the funniest shit I've ever read.

He's the guy that made me want to get a wife and kid so I can have simular material to blog about.

Well, right now his mom just passed away so it's kinda' sad, but even with all of that he rose up to the occasion and made a very entertaining, and funny entry.  Talk about putting the "fun" into funeral.

People don't appreciate the sacrifice us bloggers go through. Hey you with the camera, I smell a documentary coming on.


Also while I'm giving out za' plugs check out the greatest band to EVER come out of Wallingford, Connecticut.

The Presidential Targets!

That's right, I know how bold of a statement that is, but these guys can back it up. So before you go sending me lists of other bands that are more worthy of that esteemed title, shut it, cause these guys are the best!

I first met them about 10 years ago when our band played with their band.

At the time I was in a band called The Moth. We made the huge mistake of letting them play before us. They destroyed us quite frankly. These guy has the perfect blend of humor and...well, that's all they had, but were so great at it that they just controlled the room. Even like our parents who were there just fell in love with them.

The Moth however, we took ourselves a bit too seriously. We had the musicianship of punk rockers but we were all going through some sort of psychotherapy at the time, coupled with large amounts anti-depressants lead to really sappy music mostly about how our tender souls need to be free.

Really fell flat after a guy was singing about how we need to play his horn of love.

Anyways, I was really excited to see that they're still around, and really, really excited about getting this personalized message (check comment section) from the band.

Despite how they left a comment like they remember me, I'm sure they don't, I think he's just being silly.


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