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LOOK! More non-war stuff!

The following was left in my guestbook from Tammy that I'd like to address publiclly.

Tammy writes...

"I disagree with you on the Polanski thing, though. He was being awarded not for his morals but for a piece of art he created that truly deserved to be noted. The Academy wasn't applauding him for being a rapist, it was applauding him for creating an incredible film on every level. If it had been a Humanitarian award or something, ya, you'd be right. But it would be completely unfair for the Academy to base their decision about who directed the best film on the individual's personal life. The fact that the Academy made an unbiased decison should be applauded, Roman Polanski SHOULD be recognized for a great achievement in filmmaking. He also should be brought to justice for raping a little girl, but these are two seperate events."

Tammy, are you French?

And how French does one have to be to regard someone's past history of rape as being part of their "personal life?" Am I really the same species as you?

I'm thinking you're failing to grasp the seriousness of this whole "rape" thing. This was not a case of something trivial as Mr Polanski saying an off color remark. If his crime was saying something sexist for instance, we could seperate his good side from his bad solely because there'd still be hope to reform the twit. You cannot appologize your way out of forcing sex on a 13 year old girl. You're not a human being anymore, much less an artist. You're a rapist first and foremost.

If you rape a woman you don't make movies, you go to jail. Fucking period.

If you somehow managed to weasel your way out of going to jail by fleeing to France, it still doesn't mean you get to make movies and re-enter the social elite. It means you are a rapist that is on the run from the law, and it's the duty of every decent human being to stop you!

How mankind got to the point where we view artists as being so special that it gives them a license to seperate themselves from their behavior is mind boggling. I mean, I know how the Hollywood players who make money off of scumbags like Polanski do it. But Tammy, how you can write in Genghis Jon's guestbook about how you applaud the Academy's decison to seperate Roman Polanski the artist, from Roman Polanski the child rapist is probably one of the most thoughtless, asinine, disturbing, mindless, and all out daftest things I have ever had the mispleasure of being subjected to since Joe Millionaire.

Most unfortunately it's all too popular. I encourage you to go read the grand jury testimony from the rape victim. If you can do so and come back to me, and say to Genghis Jon that he still deserves to be treated with the same respect as those of us who do not rape teenagers, then I'll head his run for president. Deal?

But I sincerely hope that while reading it you are struck with an understanding as to what I'm talking about. Because it truly distresses me having to explaing to people why rapists aren't like you and me, and shouldn't enjoy the benefits that we do.

Same with left handed people.


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