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HOLY CRAP! 4th Entry in ONE DAY!!!!!

I am an updating motherfucker today!

So now I wanna talk about Gold Status.

I love Gold Status.

I love how Andrew in essence, seperated the men from the boys here at Daryland.

That way when someone asks me to read their diary I can be like, "sure, hey are you Gold Status?"


"Oh....ugh....yeah, ummmm....maybe I'll get to that some other time...."

You get the idea.

Anyways, he added another level of elitness, which he calls Super Gold.

I really have a problem with the title "Super Gold."

I mean, I know them Canadians are all nutso about the gold.

But, c'mon......"Super Gold"?

That's Super Stupid.

I mean, I love what he's offering. It's a great deal, and I have the cash in my hand just waiting to give it to him.

But I cannot.

Not under that name.

I'm French and my pride forbades such things.

Now, as always, I have a solution.

I started a new ring that I want to use to petition Andrew to please reconsider his choice to name his new service "Super Gold."

If enough people join, I'm sure we can change it to Platinum, and the children shall sing.

Anyways, here's the link to join the ring, and change the coarse of history.

Together, we can make this happen.

God bless.


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