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Ever update when you have nothing really to talk about?

So, in regards to the casino. It took me longer to park the fucking car then it did for me to lose all my money.

I was in and out of there in like 20 minutes.

One hand...and it's all gone! Well THAT was fun.

You know, I was feeling lucky yesterday when the HR dept said I was owed money.

Turns out that feeling was just gas.


So I ran into Disco D. Kid last night on the IM. And don't think there are any hostilities between the Disco Duck and myself. We made sweet cyber-love for 30 minutes (He came 8 times!)

Afterwards, while I was smoking a cigarette, he offered me a sneak peak into his band's demo. It's good shit folks. It makes you want to walk up to that pretty girl you see at Bingo every week and say "Hey pretty momma. I'm on fire."

We're even talking about playing some shows together in the future.

Just imagine, the Great Disco...

and the spectacular, Genghis Jon...

....sharing the same stage.

It'll sorta be like the Diaryland version of the David Lee Roth/Sammy Hagar tour.

Should be fun, hope it happens.


Tonight is I'm going to a farewell shindig for my best pal, Kim. Kim's in a rock n' roll band that's about to tour Europe, and trust me. Her music is much better than her web design skills.

Or the band name for that matter. "Krackheadz" was not her idea. The Man made her pick that name.

But anyways, Kim is cool shit. I met her about 5 years ago when she was playing as an acoustic duo called "Angels in Go-Carts". We didn't talk much, but I moved down to her part of the state and looked her up. I thought, her being a girl, I'd meet mad women hanging around her. Turns out she's one of those girls that have all guys for friends. Figures. I haven't met ONE girl through her, so she owes it to me to bring me back a hot little Spainiard on her European excursion.


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