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Genghis Jon's Great Big Entry On Not Too Much Extraordinaire

Sorry, no real update today. I'm conducting the debates for Genghis Jon's Great Big Political Debate Extraordinaire.

Very serious stuff. So I'm left with little time to bitch out dolphins and the like.

Might be a good time to add Genghis Jon's Great Big Political Debate Extraordinaire to your buddylist, hmmmm?????

And from here on out, if it's taking too long for the debate to be finished, please direct your complaints here and here.

Their fault, not mine.


And if you want to see me hang out with my lofty friends in my private club, I Imploooooooooooore you, darling to check out Diary Quotes.

Why Diary Quotes you ask?

Well, because if you follow the link entitled "Drive In" or something, you can find Genghis Jon's 10 favorite movies of all time!!!!

Yeah, I could put all the explaination points at the end of that sentence and it's not anymore exciting.

Sorry gang, that's all I got.


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