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Castration and Black Acetate

I'd like to thank Cheryl for recommending I see this fucking movie.

My Balls! My aching balls!

There was something about me I guess that made her think I was in the mood for a movie with a good ol' castration scene, but with thee most intimate castration scene ever put on film.

The part where the girl took the remnants of the "surgery" and put them in the garbage disposal was just smurfy.

"Fantastic! Who's hungry?"

On the plus side however there was an important message in this film.  Ian for instance got a pretty early introduction on women's primal nature. When he's older I'll explain to him what "psychological castration" is and how, unlike the less torturous physical version, can be preformed over and over again.
Stop whatever it is you're doing and go out and get this CD


What? You can't? You're at work? You're baby's crying? Your fuck buddy's on his/her way over?

I've been blogging for like 7 years now and how many CD's have I recommended? Hardly ever, the only one that pops in my memory was that TimeLife 100 Great Piano Classics and I just wanted to see how many people I could get to buy the stupid thing. This time I'm serious. You can trust me!

Just buy this album. I know some of you don't even really know me, but I'll be your best friend in the world after you discover for yourself how awesome this music is.

I'll make this pledge to you. If you buy this CD and don't like it let me know and I'll beat you up. Just kidding. Let me know if you don't like this CD and I'll replace it with my industrious friend Tommy Caputo's new solo album that he's been working on for 18 years once it's completed.

You'll like him. He does songs with titles like "We are Here Tonight to get Chicks."

You know, like Morrissey ;)

Except he's not asexual by choice.


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