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Panic on the streets of EVERYWHERE!


They be sending Anthrax through the mail, whatever shall we do????

Now why would somebody wanna' send Dan Rather anthrax? Can you answer me that? Huh?

That's fucked we're never gonna hear the end of it. Those fucking smart bastards....they know that if they send that shit to the media that the media is gonna' talk about it forever, and panic the whole country.

And what's worse is the wackos seizing this opportunity for their own sick agenda.

Case in point, I was reading about how abortion clinics have been receiving mail with baby powder in it with a note reading "You've got anthrax!" and signed by "The Warriors of God"

See that people....that's proof positive that we got our own Christian Taliban right here in the U.S. of A. Why aren't we bombing Jerry Falwell?

It's pretty sick when a BABY gets infected with anthrax at ABC news Headquarters, and people take advantage of this tragedy by exploiting the fear for the "sake of God."

Am I on the same planet as these people?

I mean....I read enough of the bible to know that Jesus didn't seem like the kinda' fellow that would encourage sending fake anthrax through the mail. Maybe I skipped over that chapter, I dunno'.



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