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America's new favorite passtime.

I want to start todays entry off by responding to some idiot (too chicken to leave his/her name, nothing new....)who sighned my guestbook.

Here's what the enigma had to say...

"uh, actually, people from mongolia are called mongolians. mongoloids are otherwise known as retarded people."

Well stick a pole up my ass and call me a popsicle!

Could this be true?

If what this mystery fellow claims is true, color me embaressed!!!

To be absolutely sure on this, I skipped over the usual sources like the internet or the dictionary.

I went straight to Conservachic and asked her what my readers were called.

She assured me that they are in fact "Mongoloids." I said, are you sure they aren't Mongolians? She replied "No, I'm possitive. Your readers are Mongoloids, and so are you."

So there you have it kids!

It is now FACT that Mongoloids is the correct term.

I'll probably change it to "The Funky Bunch" just to make sure.

In other news, I got this, and this, and this emailed to me about a thousand times yesterday. I'm sure a lot of you got these as well.

Say. Anybody else out there look at all the cars and houses drapped with Old Glory and wonder if anybody REALLY gets the seriousness of this?

From what I've witnessed, a lot of people are taking this like a football game. I swear, it's like we're all fans rooting for our fucking team, and the "Bin Ladins" just scored a major point against the American team.

Now don't get me wrong, I fucking hate the bastards that did this. I think John Powers said it best, and I quote, "ALL I WANT TO DO IS PUNCH TERRORISM IN THE TESTICLES!"

Me too! I want to punch terrorism in the sackarooni as well. And I love America. But let's not get stupid. I just read about a guy in Mesa, Ariz who was killed by some redneck, yahoo who doesn't know the difference between an extremist Islamic terrorist, and a fucking guy from India.

The guy wasn't a Muslim, nor was he an Arab. But the fact that he had a turbin on and a beard was good enough for this idiot.

He was wearing the other team's colors.

Over the weekend, almost every car I saw with an American flag on it, were being driven by muslims.

Wanna know why they do that kids? So "our team" won't beat the shit out of them.

Unfortunely for them, there team uniform consists of their skin color and accent.

Now, America is the victim here. Make no mistake about it.

But I don't want to hear anybody say how they don't know how this could happen....because Americans are no better or worse than anybody else.

Some people are just assholes, and lord knows we got plenty of them here.

So take some time and understand the seriousness of this.

Innocent people are dead, and more are gonna' die.

This is not the time for American bravado because that's killing people too.

This isn't a fucking game!


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