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Holy hand grenades, Batman!


No, not There...


It's funny, because just a few weeks ago I was checking out her diary and ended up reading every freakin' one!

She's an awesome writer, extremely talented, and completely throwing her life away.

It's like a modern day Bill Shakespere story.

Normaly diaries where people do little else other than brag about their mind-altering excertions annoy me.

But this is one of those where I couldn't help feeling a little compassion for the author. Mainly because she's such a good writer.

People with talent pissing their life away is just sad.

It's more stupid than sad. I mean, a great person dying from cancer is sad.

A great person killing themself is kinda' sad, but more pathetic, depending on what kind of drug addict you are.

I know I get a lot of people pissed when I takl about my hatred for all thing chemical.

Too fucking bad!

And it's never really the addicts that get bent out of shape. The addicts know how fucked up drugs are, they just can't stop!

The one's that really hate me, and denounce me as some sort of holy-roller (me?) preechy type are the fucking potheads.

What is it about pot that makes the smoker so argumentative and political?

Seriously, potheads are the most bitchingest folk there is.

Anything that might threaten their weed use, and they go nuts.

Fucking bonkers!

Leave it to those fucking hippies to make a huge political issue out of a fucking weed that does little else than make you lightheaded.


I really don't care. I'll talk about my disdain for drugs and alcohol forever. The reason I'll do so is because I'm right.

I know it, you know it, get over it!

Ahhhhhhhh, that felt good.

I'm dying to argue with somebody lately.

What can I tell you? I need a beer.

Anyways, glad to have Twinkee back.

And I hope you all encourage her to start updating agin.


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