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I love the PMRC!

Anybody catch the VH1 movie last night called "WARNING: PARENTAL ADVISORY"?

I swear, it drove me nuts.

First of all, and this might surprise a lot of you, BUT I totally don't have a problem with the PMRC.

First off, is the "censorship" issue that Zappa, and Snider kept going apeshit over was non-existant.

The point of the whole thing was not to censor anything.

Over the past few years, there's been a lot of music that just totally pushes the limits.

These people make a career out of it. Idiots like Marilyn Manson, NIN, Mudvayne, and the like have no redeeming quality other than pissing off their listener's parents, like they only wish they could.

Fine, whatever. People such as I who are over the age of 15, have no desire to anger their parnets, and can think completely independent from what MTV tells them to like, look at such bands for what they really are. Business men. Business men in the same fashion that the guy in the circus sticking his head in a lion's mouth is a business man.

Shock rock, if you're lucky enough to get corporate backing such as corporate bands I've mentioned, makes a lot of people a lot of money.

When Manson makes money, a lot of suits are making a lot of money right along with him. Marilyn Manson is a product, just like Coke. His job is to be as "outrageous" as possible. If he isn't, than he isn't doing his job.

Believe me, on any given day he's got CEO's calling his house and asking him to be more satanic. People are so surprised to hear him say the things that he says, but to do otherwise would be shooting himself in the foot.

It would be like the president of a big tobacco company telling people how awful cigarettes are for you.

Now, what VH1 (who's parent company is MTV, but they already conviced the MTV viewers of this crap a long time ago) is that they have a financial interest in the whole PMRC scandal.

All the PMRC was basicly saying was "Alright, parents need to know what their kids are listening to."

What's wrong with that? I mean, if a movie is rated R, or XXX for that matter, some parents may not want their 13 year old going to it.

Nobody complains about movie ratings. Some movies are for adults, and the rating system helps determine what is and isn't OK for an imature audience.

Now, the PMRC just wanted things labeled so a parent can make that decision. If there's a warning label on a CD and the mom has no problem having their kid listening to it, cool!

Nobody's going to jail.

Where's the "censorship?"

Even more, what's the big freakin' deal?

Why is it that during all this shit, MTV was selling t-shirts that read "censorship is un-American" during the same year that they banned Madonna's "Justify my Love" video?

MTV censors shit a lot more than the PMRC ever had, or ever will.

But still they're trying to set up this illusion like big governmet is coming down against rock n' roll.

Bullshit. Frank Zappa is a fucking nipple, who doesn't understand anything to do with reality.

Music is an art. If an artist wants to write a song about killing people, or what have you, then they have every right to do so.

But the parents have a right to know about it. Most parents can't tell the differnce from an MC Hammer album, from an NWA album.

Put a tiny sticker on the front so a parent will know what's the deal, and let them decide what the kid should hear.

MTV doesn't want that.

MTV wants to decide what your kids should listen to.

That's why, 10 years later, they're still making a big issue over this, because if parents stop buying their 5 year old this type of music, than it's against MTV's financial interests. So MTV has the power to make a stupid movie, make Zappa into some fairy-godmather type of character, make the senators into a bunch of suits whose soul purpose in life is to take away the fun American kids are having....

If you want to see suits, check out the guys over at MTV that gets payola from record industries to play Marilyn Manson videos, marketing towards children.

The movie I saw last not was a great example on why you can't trust anything on TV.

The one-sidedness of it was rediculace.

It was pure propaghanda my friends.

And I have to go before I fall asleep.



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