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Because GJ just CAN'T keep his big mouth shut.......

So I just saw Jesus' Son, and fell into one of my more pathetic, deep moods. I was getting ready to write/ preach to you all on how drugs make me believe in the devil, and about the great people I once knew that were fucking robbed from me because they inflicted the cancer upon themself. I was going to talk about how I feel watching these shitty movies where Hollywood romanticizes the lifestyle. Well movies like this, or Basketball Diaries, or ....what's that other one, with the good looking guy, and his hot ass girlfriend running around like crazy people? The guy loses his arm, anyways, it's all the same shit. Showing this crap to people causes symapthetic understanding. Yet, these people don't need sympathy, they need a really hard smack in the mouth!

Anyways, I'm not gonna' talk about tha, even though I have a mouthful. Perhaps someother time. On my way to write about said subject, I stopped by my pal

Pixia and read probably one of the most thought prevoking pieces I've read in awhile. Now, politicly I stand dead center, prehaps leaning slightly to the left, but just slightly. Pixia, as most folks our age, seems to be to the left, and gave an excellent view of such. Usually when I read a leftist view, depending on how left they are, I get kinda angry. After reading hers, I stepped outside to have a cigarette, and think. I decided to write about my feelings towards this whole war, mess as best I could. I know most people are fed up with this shit and just want it to go away. Well, it's not going away. We need to talk about it.

First, and this may or may not have anything to do with the subject I've taken up, but I just want to start off by saying that, as America and the rest of the world is shifting away from the death penalty, I stand for it, and here's why. My father was a policeman in an inner city for 29 years. Not your typical, 9-5 dad who comes home from work with a suitcase, and a smile. Just fucking coming HOME was a blessing. Anyways, when was young, my favorite band was Run DMC. This, as most white fathers, drove him nuts. Granted, my father was under the impression that all Run DMC sang about was how to kill people, and steal their cars. Laughable now, especially compared to everyone that came out after them, but that's what he believed. That I was learning how to be a criminal. Anyways, after failing miserabely at trying to 'scream me' away from my beloved DMC, he tried another approach. See, up until this point ( I was maybe 11) my father never talked about what went on at his job. But one day he shielded me no longer.

He would come home from work and I'd say "how was work?' and usually he'd reply "fine" and hit the vodka. But now, I'd say "how was work" and he'd say "wanna' hear about it?"

"sure" I said. Not knowing what the fuck was about to be laid down on me. Anyways, He's point to the kitchen table where he wanted me to sit. He'd go fix himself a screwdriver and join me at the table. He looked at me and said "Jonathan, I have the worst job on the planet. I do it because someone has to. But don't believe a cop when he tells you he loves his job, because it's a gawdamn lie." Anyways, he continued. "Today I got a call to a mugging. The victim was a 82 year old lady coming home from the store. They stabbed her. Four punk kids robbed her of three dollars. When they found out she had so little money, they decided to have fun with her. The punched her in the face, took off her shirt and bra, and just left hher there. I took her to the hospital. Her husband died a year before, and her kids lived in California. She was all alone in the world, never did a damn thing to anyone, and got this. She was crying all the way there" I looked at my father to study him. Even though I've never seen him cry, I knew he wanted to. He drank instead.

That was just the beginning. From then on, I heard stuff everyday. A jealous boyfriend throwing a two-year old out a third story window. A driveby shooting that hit two kids in a playground. This type of shit was everyday, mind you! A 9 year old girl who got raped by eight guys. maybe your father never talked about this shit, but he should have. I wish Ralph Nader, Gore Vidal, and Michael Moore's dad did, anyways. Then they might not be so eager to let everybody out of jail. Now, just about everyone I know is a member of the Green Party, and they want to get rid of the death penalty, and let everyone out of jail, and give them a hug.... Bullshit. The vast majority of those Green assholes, are suburbanites that grew up in Sunnyville where this type of shit only happens in the movies. They truely believe that all people have good in them. Well GJ is here to tell you that all people are NOT fucking good. Not even a little bit, not deep down inside. Nowhere.

Anyways, point being is that we need the death penalty. WE NEED IT! Why? Simple. Because some people deserve to die. Those eight kids that raped a 9 year old? There's no punishment too harsh for them. Disembowel them for all I care. What will that solve, you ask? Nothing. call it revenge, call it justice, it's natural law (I'm speaking the language the Pot party...I mean the Green party can understand) If you act like an animal, you should be treated like one. Europe seems to have a problem with this, well I'd like to remind Europe who practicly fucking invented the death penalty! My ancestors, for instance invented the guillotine. They've been rolling heads for centuries. In 1981 my French brethren decided to call quits on the death penalty (mainly because their courts were so faulty as to convict countless innocents) and now, twenty years later they have the fucking nerve to call us "barbaric".

Fucking French assholes, maybe we shoulda' been so kind as to show that respect to life to those Nazis that we saved you from. You weren't complaining when we were killing them, we ya?

Which leads me to the middle east. Anyways, seriously. Pix pointed out some great points. First off is that no side is golden here. Point taken, but here's a point I'd like to make. being big bad America is a lose-lose situation. Whenever something, somewhere breaks out,it''s always our fault. Either for not going in there and bombing them, OR for going in there and bombing them. You're gonna' hate us either way, there has to be a point where you say "you know what? I honestly don't give a rats fucking ass what France, or Europe, or Canada thinks of us. we're obviously doing something right."

I want to talk about being an American first off. America is unique for the fact that their really is no race of people that are "Americans" We're Europeans, Africans, name it. People flock here, and have been flocking here forever. If you hate Americans, you hate the whole world, because we're the one country on this planet that can boast that. Think about the World Trade Center attack. Think of the people that got killed, out of almost 3,000 people, there were victims that were from 50-some-odd countries. Knock any building down, no matter what size, in any other coutry and you'll get a 3, 4 tops.

Alright, I got sidetracked. The Middle East. There is little doubt in the average American's mind that the majority of middle easters are good people. I believe that too. But what everyone is talking about is "How come you knew that Afghanastan was such a mess for so lomg, and didn't do anything about it?" That's a false question. Not to mention unfair.If we went around blowing up countries that we didn't like their policy on human rights, the same people that are asking us why we never did anything, would be calling us over-zealous bullies. I'd like to point out that we did every diplomatic means known to man before we went in there. When the taliban took control, we didn't recognize them. We began sanctions....what more could we do? It's kinda hard running a country without the help of the rest of the world, we hoped they's come around. The Osama shows up. He blows up an embassy in Africa....we do nothing. He blows up a battleship....we do little. He attacks us on our turn, we say "enough" tell the taliban to surrender Osama and shut down the training camps....they refuse. We give them a month to think about it, they refuse. We go in and EVERYBODY attacks "big bad America." We gave these jerks a hundred ways out, and they refused. Bottom line, America looks after it's own. I know a lot of you think of us, or want us as the world police. That's why WE get blamed for oppression in other countries. that's part of the problem right there. America can/does/and should look after it's own interests first, as I'd hope your host nation does.

Next, Pix brought up a great point about how people are treated in Saudi Arabia, and how much it's simular to that of Iraq, or Afghanastan under the (Hey Mr.) Taliban (tally me banana!)

What she said was absolutely true. A lot, if not most every single country in the middle east has such a poor record of woman's rights that it's pathetic. maybe it's not PC to talk about this, but while I'm on a role here, the problem lies with the citizens of the country. Whether it's Saudi Arabia, Iraq, whatever. If the people want a change, they should demand it. Overthrow the government, and changes. They don't, because they don't want to. Whether you want to hear it or not, it's not as big of an issue to Mr. and Mrs. Middle East as it is to us in the west. Whether it's true to their religion, or not. They BELIEVE that women are equal only to animals, and nobody is gonna change that but them. It's not our place to interpret their religion. If it ever does become that important, then maybe they could stop burning American flags, and do something. there was a time in our history where we were under the monarchy of England. We didn't like it, so we changed it. We didn't blame anybody. The difference with Iraq and Saudi Arabia is that Iraq is a threat to us, while (at least we believe) Saudi Arabia is not. Our country takes care of it's own, if your country does not, sorry, it's not our fault.

Isreal. As far as that shit goes, I will totally agree that we do not ever hear the Palistinian view on our media. A man that digs deeper himself, I will say that I've yet to be convinced that they're as noble as they think they are. Personally I think that if Isreal is so sacred to them both, then no one should live their. The entire country isn't worth the lose of one human life, either side. It's stupid. But one more point I'd like to make. Next time someone say's the US is "pro-Isreal" I want you to ponder this. The ammount of aid given annually to the palestinian refuges by The US alone=$25 Million. The ammount of money THE ENTIRE ARAB COUNTRIES TOGETHER donates to the refuges = $3 million. Hearless, aren't we?

As far as Canada goes, I think it's one of the greatest countries in the world. If I ever get married, I hope to raise my family there someday. That said, dig this. if you've ever been to any big city in Canada, you'll know that they've got some of the nicest big cities in the world. Very clean, beautiful archetecture, and so on. Talk to any Canadian and they'll relentlessly remind you of their free health care. Now, let's put things in perspective, shall we? Say Canada got invaded by some other country. Say France decided it wanted Canada. How long do you think it would take for us to though the French out (French meaning, the invaders from France. Not the residence of Qubec, or course.) If you guessed two secondss, you're right. What you should learn from that is that Canada doesn't have a huge military. we do. With all that extra money lying around, they get to spend it on health care, and beautiful, clean cities and so on. But make no mistake about it, the American Army is what keeps canada free. ralph Nadar will endlessly tell you about how small Canada's army is, and how they can get by on that. What Ralph doesn't understand is that the Canadian government well understands that we protect them as if they were our own. If we adopted their military structure, we'd both be in trouble. Big trouble. Sorry if I seem insane, but I would think a "thanks" wouldn't be out of line., as opposed to blaming us for everything that's wrong in the world.

Like it or not, from the beginnin of time, the only universal language is might. If you don't have protection, someone will walk all over you. Guaranteed. France use to think the same thing before WWII.

Anyways, the bottom line is that the world's a mess. America is less of a mess. It's so easy, not to mention attractive to blame America for the everything that's wrong, but it's not true. We live happy here, maybe a little spoiled, but we're good people and we made this life for us. You should to. To have American type of success (as like it or not, the world envys over) women have to have the same rights as men. That's not our job to explain to anyone. Figure it out for yourselves, but I just want to say that I myself am an immigrant to this country. My parents didn't just throw a dart at a map and have it hit the U.S. They came here because it's a great country, and it is a great country. Perfect, no, but neither is yours.

I forgot to talk about Iraq.

The war is heating up, and everyone wants to know what we're gonna do about Iraq. Well, it's either wait until he gets a nuke and fligs it at us, or we stop him. Notice I said us , and not you. He's a madman that said if he had one missle that could reach us, he'd fire it in a second. People say "what's that gonna change? They'll just get another warlord as a leader. the Iraqi leadership is ultimately decided by their people. If they don't like the guy, they should throw him out. Our job is to get someone in their that isn't gonna nuke us. Period.

"Yeah, well your sanctions are killing thousands of innocent people!" No, saddam is. That's the deal with the 'oil for food' program. We're obviously not gonna send this dude money. because guess where it's gonna go? That's right! Into making a nuke. So we say, OK, we'll give you food and medice in exchange for oil. No money. So, is anyone asking WHY his people are starving if we're sending him food? If you guessed "because it's not going to his people, he's selling it" give yourself a big pat on the back. The fucker is taking the food that we sold intended for his people, selling it, and somehow we're getting the blame.

Kids, I can go all night, but sadly I have to go to sleep right now. Just try to remember that just like a race of people aren't bad, neither is a nation. It's people that are sick, our job is to keep those individuals out of political office. I'm certainly doing all I can on Nadar.



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