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I meet hot chic

NOTE; Genghis Jon is taking a hiatus for awhile. In his absence will be his sterotypical friend 'Ping Pong'. Read this entry to get a better understanding.

Heewrow everybody! Dis is first message from Ping Pong. I wike to tank my fren Genghis Jon fo wetting me update fo him. He be back soon. But until den, you all mine! Haw, haw, haw.....

So I went to American cwub wast night and I walk up to dis hot momma. I say to her "Hey baby, how bout a game of Ping Pong?" She tell me she never play. I say "Oh baby, I can teach you to play Ping Pong weal gooood. I can alweady see you got da build fo it. You be champion Ping Pong pwaya in no time." She then notice my gold chain that read "Ping Pong" on it, and ask me if I play Ping Pong. I say to her "Not if I bag you, baby. I won't have to!" She then get this weally angry wook on her. Like she's wants me in bad way ;) I tell her, "Baby, I tell you wat. I see you want me. How about I show you my egg roll?" This is when she hit me over head with beer bottle. I woke up in hospital four hour later. I thinking that she into S and M. I wike a woman who play wough. I bet she pwayed with my egg role when I was knocked out.

Ping Pong have to go now. I weave a picture for you to drool over while I'm away.

See you, suckas!!!!

-Ping Pong


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