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A Book I'm Writing Where You Do All the Work!

Hi, I'm getting off my butt and starting a writing project I've been meaning to do for some time now and am looking for some help.

"But Jon, writing is a personal project. What ever would you need my participation for, pray tell?"

That's where you're WRONG mister!

The title will be either "Malory Jennings and The Netherlands or Soland Slice" but probably neither. The idea is that the story I'm doing will be told through a succession of e-mails each written by the person (you) playing the character. My job in all this will be more of a director who'll steer it along.

So if you got the job basically I'll give you background on who you're playing, and the person that's writing you. You'll get an email and will have to respond in character following my instructions (i.e. "She thinks you trust her but you don't. Play long until you find out what she's up to.")

You won't know everyone in the story, only I will. You'll only know what I tell you.

So if this sounds interesting to you let me know. I'm basically looking for people that can write (Grammer is good to be cause I'll be editing also and kant spel vary gudd) and be very descriptive but in a natural sense. The trick is to let the reader know what's going on but still make it sound like it's an e-mail.

I'll be relying on you to be creative with your dialogue, who can make things up and add to the work. This is only gonna' turn out as good as you make it. You'll also need to take direction fairly well.

So, the characters are between 24 and 36, work in an office, and spend alot of time emailing each other.

That's all you'll know know, again, you won't know anything else going on in the story as I don't want it to prejudice your own work.

Basically you're involvment will be off and on. When your character is being used you'll be getting a lot of emails from me that I'll need completed ASAP (again, not rushed, I need thoroughness but completed in a few days to a weeks time, sooner is always better.)

So if this sounds like something you'd like to get into and think you can handle please let me know. There are some people I know well enough to just give the job to if they show interest. But for most I'll send them a test email to "respond" to see how you do.

Please forward this to anyone you might think would like to be involved.



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