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Mad props

Kudos to Jonas for heeding my warning to update.

Now, I stand by my earlier statement when I say that Jonas is the next best thing on Diaryland.

He just needs to update like a normal human being.

Like an American!

Only pinko-commies have a diary and don't update.

Somebody tell him to get a Guestbook as well.

I understand that our feedback is irrelevant to his sheer brilliance. Believe me, I understand that better than anyone. But c'mon Jonas! Play ball here, will ya?

While I'm plugging, I also want to draw to your attention to another new diary that I'm expecting equally great things to come out of, by the name Guildenstern

If I'm not mistaken, this is a diary by 2 people. I met these guys from a Yohoo! club a few years ago and am glad they left the ad-ridden BS of Yahoo! for the greener pastures of Diaryland.

Unlike the rebellious Jonas they needed no invitation to get a guestbook. Please reward them for that.

One warning! They're Scottish.

Scottish and American English could not be more different in terms of a common language.

Despite their wit, and often times hysterical words, I do find myself spending a lot of time with a dictionary while reading their work, looking up things like "scantily clad" and such. (scantily clad, btw, means some chick dressed like a ho.)

But that's just me. Granted, I find someone intelligent when they can spell "weird" correctly.

The third plug I'd like to give out is another Jonas by the name of Jonas Parker. He kind of reminds me of Cuppa' Joe in the sense that they're both Canadian, and have a blue background in their diary.

Geesh, they're practically twins!

Speaking of Canadians, or Montrealers more specificly, there's the always entertaining, always thought provoking, always yippin' and yappin' yet still knows what's happenin' the lovely Pixiia-8

Watch out boys....she's a maneater!

Well, that's all for now.

I have 2 more entries that I plan on doing today.

One is a review on a concert I went to last night, the other is some critique on my art work by some people you might be surprised to hear taking the time to speak about old Jonny.

Anyways, if I complete this task this would be the first time EVER that I did three entries in one day.

So wish me luck, gang.


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