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Ronald Wilson Reagan (666)

It's a sad day here at in mourning the recent lose of our beloved president, Ronald Reagan.

Ahhhhh, Ronald Reagan. Where do we get more of them?

I know with all my recent bashings of President Bush it might surprise you that I'm speaking fondly of a Republican President.

Well, it's not really the republican part that draws me to him. It's the fact that he's a Man. Something very few people who've shared his job has been.

Remember Clinton during that Monica Lewinsky bullshit where he's apologizing to everybody in the solar system, and going on about all the therapy he's getting, remember that?

That would never have happened with Reagan. If some reporter questioned him about an alleged affair with an intern, Reagan would have replied "You mean Monica? Listen, that particular intern kept squeezing her fat legs in these stockings that gave me presidential wood. So I gave her a good one like only the leader of the free world could do. Now if we're all done talking about my sex life, I'd like to go back to saving the world from communism."

See that? He doesn't need to apologize...HE'S A MAN!!!

Remember when that fool tried to shoot Reagan? Yeah, like bullets could stop him. Sixty-nine years old and the guy's back to work in 3 hours right after they take him to the hospital and he operates on himself with a swiss army knife.

That's the kinda' guy you want as president. People did not fuck with him. In all eight years as president the guy never had one night's sleep. During the evening hours he ran around the streets of DC fighting crime.

One time, during his first marriage a group of thugs broke into Reagan's house whenn he wasn't home. They proceeded to rape his wife while the children watched helplessly. Soon after Reagan returned home to witness the carnage. The thugs each held a member of his beloved family with a knife to their throat. A tear weld up in Ron's eye. He sucked it back in. Reagan pulled out the biggest gun you've ever seen and started blowing away his own family. He said he'd rather have his family die than live through such horror. He then killed all the thugs save two. He instructed them to go tell people what they saw that day.

That being said, it should be noted that he truly had a soft side. For instance after he beat the Russians he chose not to force them into slavery, or even so much as change their name to Reaganastan.

I could go on, oh boy could I go on, but It's quitting time and I'm at work so I'll just stop.


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