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Who's Your Daddy NOW, Motherfucker?

Ya a Red Sox fan for the past 31 years I'm not accustomed to being a sore winner, braggart.
Luckily the Yankee fans that I've encountered have done a marvelous job through the years to show me how it's done.
In case you're not hip to the rivalry, here's it in a nutshell.
Every year the Red Sox and Yankees play each other to see who's going to the World Series.
Every year the Sox last to game 7, dominate the entire game, then lose miserably in the 9th.
Not since 1986 have they been in the series. Not since 1918 have the won the series.
But nothing really matters more than beating the fucking Yankees. I hate them more than anybody. They're like a team full of Hitlers.
"Now batting 3rd, playing second base, Adolph Hitler...."
But the only thing worse then the Yankees are their fans.
The Yankee fans bring so much credence to the notion that New Yorkers are rude, barbaric, uncivilized, crackheads.
Just look at their reaction if you don't believe me. You'd think after winning the series 7,000 times you'd be OK with one loss. Especially to the team you beat 6,998 times to get to the fucking series.
Here's an e-mail I got this morning from a poor Yankee fan trying to scrap up some dignity.
Subject: The Gift
"Hey all you RED SOX fans...consider this win a gift... everyone deserves a gift every 18 years.... Beware of the number 86... the year when you last were playing in the World Series and lost to the METS and it was 86 years ago you last won a World Series... HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM something to be said for numbers!

May the CURSE live on!"

See, only someone who talked shit all season long would need to author a piece like this and send it to everyone they know.
That's just their problem, no humility. We Boston fans are full of it. If the Yankees started blowing half their fans wouldn't remember what their uniforms looked like two weeks later.
Don't believe me? Ask the Mets.
Anyways, I was excited I got my first opportunity to stick it to a Yankee fan. This really was a gift, here's what I wrote back...

"Sorry, I couldn't understand you with all that chocking.

- Genghis Jon

Congratulations on being the first team ever to blow a 3-0 lead. See ya' in the history books!

Who's your daddy now???"

Damn that felt good. I've been waiting a long time for that.

As far as the World Series go, I don't care if they win. They knocked out the Yankees and shut up their fans, that's all I care about.
And who better to shut them up then the guy from the Monkees who got a grand slam last night.

However I would like to see them play the Astros, just for the Massachusetts vs. Texas thing paralleling the election.
That'd be sweet.


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